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Is It Gerry?

New York, USA
January 2000

My husband's Uncle Gerry was always like a father to him growing up. They were very very close. Gerry died in the winter of 1980 when my husband was sixteen. My husband has still to completely come to terms with the loss. My mother-in-law previously owned the house that my husband and I now own. She moved here in 1982, and reported "seeing" Gerry in and around the outside of the house several times while she lived here. We bought the house from her in 1987, she bought another about 1/2 mile down the road from us. She has since claimed to have "seen" Gerry outside her other house on at least two occasions. My husband becomes unsettled whenever she mentions one of Gerry's appearances, wonders why he's never showed himself to him. We've lived in this house for 13 years now and never had any sort of paranormal experience, until recently.

I have three sons from a previous marriage, none of whom had ever met Gerry. Last March my 17 year old was in the backyard one evening with two of his friends. They heard a loud "bang" which they say sounded as if someone had slammed a large rock onto the metal slide we have outside. When they looked up they saw the figure of a tall man standing next to our deck, about 20 ft. away. He had a blueish glow around him, was faint from head to toe, except for his shoes, which were white. Needless to say they ran around the other side of the house and came in. The next day my son told me what had happened, being very specific that the only really identifiable thing about what he saw were the white shoes. He was very shaken by the experience. When we related the story to my husband, coming to the part about the shoes, he became pale and quiet. Once my son had left the room, my husband turned to me and told me that his uncle ALWAYS wore white leather shoes. There is now way that my son could or would have known that as it had never been mentioned before.

The only weird that that has ever happened to me in this house happened about 2 years after we moved in. My husband was out for the evening and I had fallen asleep on the couch with our young daughter. My sons were asleep in their rooms, and being young at the time wouldn't have been wandering around the house late at night without waking me. The back of my head was facing the front door and the bedroom door, so I couldn't see who came and went. I woke after hearing the front door open and close, someone walking across the room, opening the bedroom door (which has a distinctive sound as it sticks) and closing it. I looked at the clock and saw it was a little past midnight. Assuming it was my husband coming home, I went back to sleep. I woke again about an hour later, and decided that I should go to bed. After putting my daughter to bed, I opened my bedroom door expecting to see my husband fast asleep, only to find the bed empty! I checked the bathroom, he wasn't there. I looked out into the driveway, and his car wasn't there either. He hadn't come home yet!!

New York, USA
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