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Is it Just Coincidence?

September 2001

I believe in ghost but I always believed if you don't open yourself to them, they don't show themselves to you. I don't think I have done anything to provoke a spirit to visit me. I've always believed that??now I don't know.

Well I've been living in my present house for about 5 years and until about a year ago, my husband's room and mine has always been cold. I mean cold to the point that one day I lost the babies bottle and couldn't find it for weeks and one day I found it under my bed, where I swear I had already looked. The milk inside looked as though it had just been poured in it. Now for all of you who don't have children, if you leave milk in a bottle for more than a day it's already turning into cottage cheese. Chunky. That's how cold it was in my room.

Our house is old and we have those old heaters that the heat comes out from the wall. The heater stands about 2 feet from the floor and it is right next to our room. You open our door and there it is! It will heat up the whole house, meaning the heat will flow through the hallway to the kids' room, to the living room and the kitchen, but never ever enters our room. We didn't think much about it. It was so cold that I would put the baby's crib in the living room and sleep in there with him, because it was to cold in our room.

Anyway there has been on several occasions that I felt a tugging at the back of my shirt and if someone trying to get my attention. I'd quickly turn around and no one would be there. Every time, I mean every time I come home and I need to leave again, we can't find the keys. Either my husband or me is mad at the other for losing them. One day at a birthday party (away from home) I was holding the baby's bottle and for no reason at all it fell out of my hand, I thought it was just clumsiness. When I got my plate of food it practically flew out of my lap and all the hot food landed on the baby. My husband said it looked like as if someone had hit it off my lap. I wasn't moving, I was sitting perfectly still. Still, thought nothing of it.

My husband used to work nights so the kids and I are home alone at night and at first I would be scared but as time went by I got used to it. Well one night I fell asleep on the couch watching the TV (I put the timer on to turn it off) I woke up to find that the kitchen night- light was off. I always leave it on just in case the baby needed a bottle and I wouldn't be bumping around everywhere. Well I got up to turn it on and it wouldn't turn on, so I tried the regular light and nothing. So I thought the power had gone out (that's been happening a lot here in California). I was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room and fear just overwhelmed me. The house was dark. I turned quickly and saw someone standing in the hallway between my room and my kids room just staring at me. My heart dropped and I froze. It was quite large so I assumed it was a man. Next thing I know I'm darting for the phone to call 911. Not but 5 seconds later I jump up from the couch as if I'd just woken up all over again. The kitchen night-light is on and everything seems fine. I don't know what happened but it scared the hell out of me. Sleep paralysis, ghost, I don't know, but I know I ran to call my husband anyway.

One night the baby woke up crying and I didn't tell my husband this, but I put the baby back in the crib (he's in our room) and lay back on my bed to go back to sleep. I felt something get on my bed like some one sitting or jumping on it, very softly though (my bed is really high) as if trying not to disturb me. I looked to see if it was my cat, but it wasn't and I turned around and went to sleep. I didn't want to creep myself out thinking about the possibility of some one or thing on my bed that I couldn't see.

One more thing and I'm done. There was a particular night I thought I was losing my mind. Our house is kind of backwards. We live in a duplex and what would be someone else's front yard is our backyard. From the street it looks like one house. Anyway it's really secluded back there. Fences block other neighbors' house from our yard. Well this one night I woke up for no reason at all and was laying there (on the couch again) and all of a sudden I hear about what sounded like 8 guns shots real loud right outside my living room door. I sat up real quick and listened. I've heard them before on several occasions, so I know that's what I heard. There was nothing else. No footsteps, cars, voices, nothing, just the shots. My cat even heard it, her head popped up and she jumped up in the windowsill and stared out the window. She even jumped down and went and stared under the crack of the front door. She saw something. At that time I got scared and thought any minute the police will be here. I was afraid that whomever it was, might try to come in my house, so I called the police and they sent out a patrol even a helicopter!! And of course nothing (how embarrassing). I called my husband and he comforted me and told me just to go back to sleep. I know what I heard!! It's weird that no one else in the neighborhood heard this but me. The houses aren't far apart it would be impossible for someone not to hear that. No one else's lights turned on, nothing. Nobody (but my cat) woke up for this. I was sure there was a shot body in my yard, but of course there wasn't.

Lost objects, stupid things like my make-up, I can't find and find it months later. Keys getting lost every time we want to leave. Plate of food and bottle mysteriously falling out of my hands, the tugging on my shirt, cold room. The dream or not dream. The mysterious gun shots that no one else heard. Is this all just my imagination? After visiting this site, I don't know. My husband once joked that I had a ghost but then discarded it as just coincidences.

Yeah I know this was very long, but you never know what's out there and for someone who does not want to be open to the un-living you never think you will be visited. After coming to this site, it has me totally rethinking everything that happened above.

Let me add real quick, just last night before I was going to submit this story, I was on the computer when I heard the water in the sink dripping slowly and it just eventually turned on, my husband went in and asked who left the water on, I was so involved into the computer I just answered him that the kids probably did it. Then it dawned on my that the kids were already in bed. I could put it off as an old faucet, but our landlord just replaced our whole sink?hmmm. Maybe in a way I'm still a little skeptical, what do you think?

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