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Is My House Haunted? (1)

Kayleigh, UK
October 2011

I’m only thirteen years old, yes I know I’m young but I promise that everything I include in my story is real and I am genuinely scared. It all started around three years ago when I would knock on the ceiling and something would always knock back! I could even ask "them" questions (knock once if girl, twice if boy) that sort of thing. A certain toy would go crazy by screaming that there was an intruder in my room near enough the same time throughout the night, we finally had to get rid of it. I would always hear banging on the stairs that sounded like footsteps, but nobody else would.

Recently, I got a pet kitten. A few months after getting her she would refuse to go up the stairs, she would yowl and hiss until somebody walked up with her. She then started to get a little braver until one day she ran wild down the stairs screaming, her tail went really bushy and big and she seemed really frightened!

Another encounter happened when I was on the Xbox Kinect and there was a black shadow arching over my head. I got freaked out and ran downstairs and when I returned it has gone. The next day, my good friend came over my house. We decided to play a trick on my parents so we hid in the under the stairs cupboard, we heard very loud footsteps on the stairs repeatedly and when my parents returned they stopped.

My final encounter happens when I sleep, I get scratches on my arms for no apparent reason, I will find them when I wake up in the morning. I don’t have nails so it cant’t be me, and my kitten is not allowed in my room. The door is shut. I’m sorry it’s so long but I’m really scared and would appreciate if somebody could email me their views?

Kayleigh, UK
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