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Is My House Haunted? (2)

Emma, CA, USA
March 2003

Ever since I moved into my new house, I have experienced a few odd things. The first few weeks really creeped me out so I tried to convince my mom to let me stay at my dad's house (you see, my parents are divorced.) She tried to calm me down but my eerie feelings about our new pad really stuck with me.

Sometimes the house seems to have darker and colder spots in it. For example, I'll walk by the hallway that connects to my brother's room and my bathroom and the hall is dark and pretty cold. It's as if the hall has a gloomy shadow cast over it.

Sometimes I can swear that I hear strange sounds, almost a moaning coming from various parts of the house. Our place is extremely creaky as well. We have three levels, and I live on the bottom next to the garage. The second level is the front door, the living room, the TV room, my bathroom, and my brother's room. The third level is the kitchen, the dining room, my mom's room with her boyfriend, and their bathroom. I'm the only one who can hear the creaking (being on the bottom of course) and recently I have become really sensitive to noises of that degree. My room is also noticeably colder than the rest of the house. Maybe it's just because the "central" heating doesn't connect to my room...or maybe it's because...

Well anyway, this is where the real scary stuff happens.

We've lived here for about eight months and I have become fairly immune to the weirdness involved with the house. But two nights ago I experienced something so terrifying that I haven't slept a wink in the past 48 hours. This is basically how the events commenced...

I decided to go to sleep at around 11 although I knew it would take at least two hours before I would fall asleep. For some reason I have been having major trouble falling asleep lately. So at around 11, I turned off my lights, closed my door (I didn't lock it, just closed it) and hopped in bed. At 12:30 I was so aggravated at that point...but then I became scared out of my mind.

First I began hearing weird sounds coming from the wall to the right of my bed. It sounded like mice crawling around (we recently found a rat in the kitchen) so I was getting creeped out. I shrugged and tried to ignore it. As soon as I closed my eyes though, my door handle made a noise as if somebody was trying to open my door. The only other people in the house was my mom and her boyfriend (my brother is in college) and I knew that they were upstairs in bed. As soon as I heard that noise I shot up in bed and gasped. I decided to turn on my TV to calm me down a bit. Then I got up and figured I should check out my door. When I was halfway to my door it once AGAIN made that sound, but this time ten times louder and ten times more aggressive. I actually thought somebody had broken into the house and was trying to get into my room! Frozen for about ten seconds, I suddenly realized that I needed my mommy. I turned on a light, grabbed my phone, and called my mom. Her boyfriend answered and I explained the crisis to him. He was frazzled because I had woken him up with the call. He and my mom thought I wanted them to go to the front door, so they went there and started opening that door. I was yelling for him to come to MY door when suddenly my door started OPENING very slowly. I screamed at the top of my lungs about twenty times until my mom and her boyfriend ran to my room and saved me. They ran in and said nothing was there, but her boyfriend decided to check around the house for anything suspicious.

After that, we all sat in my room until 2 in the morning and then they let me sleep in their room. I couldn't fall asleep all was absolutely terrifying.

I'm 90 percent convinced at this point that there is some sort of strange phenomenon in my house. I also just found out something kinda weird. My mom, her boyfriend, and I recently discovered that we have an attic in our house. We had the exterminator clean it and he found all this old stuff from the 70s. I believe he found trophies, a TV set, a bunch of board games, a couch, and other strange stuff. I'm not sure why that creeps me out, but it definitely does. I know this story may not sound and frightening and convincing as it does when I tell it face to fact, it may have only been scary for me. All I know is that I won't be sleeping in my mom's house for a while.

Emma, CA, USA
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