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Is Someone There? (1)

Naomi, UK
January 2003

I beleive myself to be quite skeptical of the whole idea of ghosts. In my entire lifetime I have heard numerous stories told to me about my village and families past experiences with ghosts. I will now tell you some of these things.

First of all I live in a small village that a long time ago had been farm land. In our village is a variety of large open fields, a school, houses and a farm house that still remains. The farm house itself has never caused any grief although some say its haunted. I recently have experienced small happenings around my house. I'm skeptical on whether or not it my over reactive mind going into over drive or a spirit. I have lived in this house my whole life and have never until a year ago experienced these happenings. Its just small things like when I switch my stereo volume up my TV switches itself on. Crossed wires or spirit? Sometimes when I'm walking out of my living room cards fall off shelves and the door opens by itself. I've put up with the little things like that for a while now and they really don't bother me. What really freaked me out was once when I was bunking off college I ran up stairs to get a video and as I came round the landing into my room I saw a young girl sitting on my bed with her back towards me looking out the window. She had long black/brown hair and was dressed in the up to date fashion. She turned and smiled at me and then disappeared. It freaked me out so much I spent the rest of the afternoon talking to my cat! I don't think what ever is in my house is evil (I hope to god its not!) I'd just love to know why shes there!

My granny usually tells me stories of when my mum or she was younger because quite simply she's bored. She lives alone and I think talks to herself. I really hope I don't end up that way. Mind you I think I'm starting to get that way, after all I talk to my cat! Anyway she, my mum, my uncles (3 of them) and stepfather used to live in a house which was on a long street. At the end of the street was a slaughter house which the bulls would escape from regularly. The house was fairly new and seemed fine. One night when my gran was laying on my uncle's bed with him and my mum. My gran awoke to find a man dressed in a smart suit(he looked like he was from a 1950's film) was standing over the bed, shocked at what she saw she demanded the intruder to explain himself. The intruder then moved from the bed side and walked into the wardrobe and disappeared. My gran keeps telling me that he visited the family often and would sit in a downstairs chair, she would often talk to him.

Another time my gran told me of was when my uncle peter had returned home form a friends house and went straight to bed. As soon as my uncle had gone upstairs things down stairs started flying about, my gran was scared Sh****ss and didn't know what to do. 5 mins later a scream came from my uncles room, my gran raced upstairs to see what was happening. When she opened the door she saw him on his bed 5 feet in the air. She quickly grabbed my uncle off his bed and rushed out of the house to get the local priest. When talking to my uncle my gran discovered that my uncle had been playing with a Ouija board and had brought something unearthly and evil back home with him. The priest managed to get rid of it with the help of my gran and family chanting prayers loudly. I'm still skeptical about the whole thing.

Another thing that happened about 5 years ago. I was 13 and my grandad had just died, all day I felt a bad feeling in my stomach that something had happened. When I returned from school I was told what happened. Anyway my grandma who was alive then was distraught and trying to arrange the whole funeral, there was one song that she was trying to find that was a favourite of my grandfathers. Being a priest my grandfather had kept loads of bibles and hymn books in the house. Exhausted and still distraught she went to bed. At 3am exactly she awoke. She got out of bed, went over to the book case, she then pulled out a hymn book and opened it at the exact song my grandfather loved. Also in the page was a piece of paper with something important on written by my grandfather. When we all came to see her she told us all what she had done and said that something in her dream told her to get that book. I like to think it was my grandfather himself.

Believe what you will of my stories.

Naomi, UK
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