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Is That House Haunted

California, USA
October 1999

HI, I'm not 100% sure If What happened was my imagination or not but, I will relate it as events unfolded.

I used to live in a House that I believed to be Haunted. I lived in this house for 10 years. when we moved I was 10 years old.

To start,we lived in a court so there were other houses that surrounded us,as far back as i remember something bad always happened, two of the nine houses burnt to the ground nothing mysterious behind it or anything but doesn't it seem like really bad luck?

I was 5 or 6 when things in my house got weird. One Morning I was getting ready for school and I was brushing my teeth when I distinctly heard my name being called it only happened once but it sounded like my dads voice, but my dad was at work and my mom was in a completely different room and the "voice" came from behind our bathroom toilet, needless to say it freaked me out a little, but that was the only time that happened.

I was always having nightmares and was terrified of our hallway at night, it was pitch black and I would be afraid that something would come out of the dark.

I would like to go back a little, to when I was three. I don't remember it too much but according to my Brother and my mom, one night, my brother started screaming, my mom and dad ran into his room and the hamster cage we had was on the floor, my brother says (he denies it to this day) that the hamster cage started to move on the dresser, (thats what woke him up) and that it looked like something tried to pick it up but couldn't hold it, he said that it stayed in the air for a few seconds and dropped.

Now I don't know if that happened or not ,I wasn't there but I do remember one instance that I will never forget.

I was 10 at the time and we were going to be moving out soon (my folks got divorced) and I was going to live with my mom, but one night, I was playing in the living room and My dad and brother were in the family room watching TV (eight is enough) and I was throwing a glider around the living room when at one point I when to retrieve my glider when out of the corner of my eye a blue light came out of the wall near the fireplace and arched across the room in my direction! Then and I swear this is true (of course) the "blue" light came at my head right before it passed me the light became a skull, there was no way any kind of car light could have caused this illusion, there was a fence in our front yard that blocked any light from the street. Plus the curtains were closed and they were those really thick kind and I don't think I hallucinated it and I didn't make it up but then I doubt my self as well.

In the years after I have had many dreams about that house and on occasion still hear My name called by something it usually sounds like a family members voice but I don't know, I belive in ghosts,but I'm not sure if what happened was real or not.What do you think?

California, USA
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