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Is The Wild West Still Alive?

Charity, AZ, USA
August 2002

About a year ago I worked at a local theme park, where most of the Western movies were filmed. It has a wild west theme and everyone in the park dresses up like Cowboys and Can Can dancers. Well from day one of working there people told me ghost stories about the spirits who lived in the buildings. I belive them to a point but didn't think I would see them or have any kinda of contact with them. Boy was I wrong.

A little bit about the ghosts there, I believe there for sure is 4 main spirits there.

The first ghost is in the Indian Story telling building, we all call it the Kiva building. This ghost never has shown itself to anyone but every once in a while when you tick it off you would see these red glowing eyes stare at you.

We did this show where a Indian story was being told and we would act it out behind a screen with lights behind us. During the show it would be almost pitch black besides the lights behind us that would come on when they needed to.

When I was in the building I always got the feeling that something bad was in the room with me, the second the show was over I would run out of the building till I got back by people. There was just something not right in the room. The building always was cold, it didn't matter if it was 120 degrees outside or 30 degrees.

The second spirit was in our dressing rooms. The boys and girls dressing room were connected but only with a wall we had to go outside to get in their dressing room. Well the boys got lucky and they got the breaker box in their room, it had all the power switches for both rooms. The boys liked to play little jokes on us and they would always turn the power off in our room, but they never did it more than 2 times in a row.

It started one day, we thought they were turning our power on and off, I got pretty tired off it and went over to yell at them. I got over there and they claimed it wasn't them turning it off. I was like yeah right, I told them to stop and I went back in the dressing room and the power went off again. This time I was ticked off, I stormed back in there and started yelling at them. They grabbed me and walked me to the breaker box, they turn the power back on and told me to watch the switch. I was like ok nothings gonna happen. I had been watching for about 5 minutes, I called out to the guys and told them nothing happened and I turned my back to leave. The second I turned my back to leave, the switch flipped to the other side and turned the power back off.

The third and fourth ghosts go to together. They live in the salon where I did my dance show and next door at the Mexican Cantina.

One of the ghosts is just a black figure that would follow you around and creep you out. You would hear footsteps behind you or you would just get that feeling that you needed to run. The major spirit was a woman we called Rosa. She was a very nice ghost unless you made her mad, then you'd better watch out.

My encounter I had with her started in November of 2000. We had just finished rehearsals for a show we were doing outside for Christmas. We walked in to the salon to get a drink and warm up a bit. My friend and I walked next door to the Cantina when we saw our friend, who I will call Bob talking to someone in the kitchen of the Cantina. We walked over there and he asked us if we wanted to meet Rosa? We thought it was joke and said sure, boy were we wrong.

We got to the kitchen door and we saw nothing but we noticed it was freezing in the room. Bob introduced us, I said Hi to her and we left. We didn't think much of it until a couple of nights later when we went in the kitchen to get something to drink and we noticed the room was about 40 degrees warmer then the last time we were in there.

My friend had no more encounters with her, I had one more that I wish I could forget.

I was doing my Can Can show and we had just finished dancing and the Madame (she was the main person in the show, she didn't dance but she sang) she was speaking and we were all listening to her, waiting for our cue to leave stage. When we were standing we would pull up one side of our skirt to show leg (remember Can Can dancers were the girls who slept with cowboys for money). I was standing there when someone came from behind me, grabbed my skirt and pulled it out of my hands making me almost fall. At first I thought it was one of the other dancers who did it but I realized their was no one close enough to do that to me.

I am not sure if these ghosts are people who worked there before and just loved it so much they couldn't leave the place, or if it people from the turn of century who think nothing has changed and its still the Wild West times to them. All I know is there is just something not right about the spirits in the park. Everyone I have talked to who has worked there has had some kind of encounter with the spirits there.

Thanks for reading my story.

If you want to hear any more stories about the park or about my family ghosts, please feel free to email me.

Charity, AZ, USA
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