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It's All For One

Andrew K, NY, USA
August 2002

Hi everyone, just to let you know that my experiences goes back to my childhood up to recently last year. I'm 17 now, but please know that what I experienced is real and ever since then I became and remained a heavy believer and my religion a spiritualist. I was 12 at one time and was living in a house 5 miles south from where I live now. The house was in a old neighborhood and was built in the 1930s. It didn't really have a history of deaths occurring, but if there was I would've heard about it.

It was around midnight, it was a full moon, and my 2 windows across my room from me were open and lit up. (by the moon) I was about to dose off when out of nowhere a black shadow walks by one window, come to the 2nd, faces me for about a half a second, and then walks away. I bolted out of my room and told my dad about this. (Luckily he was up at the time playing his computer)He then searched my backyard with a flashlight only to come back and tell me I was seeing things.(How very skeptical of him) I didn't sleep again for the next couple of nights. Just to let you know that I knew it was a ghost, because 1st off you would here trespassers walk by you're window, and what I saw I couldn't hear it. 2nd off my backyard has 2 fences with gates on the side and a mini forest in the back, so anyone who was going to lurk around I surely would know about it. (I am very sensitive in nearly all prospects)

Ever since after, but not all the time, I would hear footsteps in my attic when I know everyone's asleep, and see balls of light move around my window when there is no source to it. It did end though when I moved to where I live now a year later in 1998. The thing is is that I recently found out that (remember my old house didn't have a deadly history) my grandmother, Julia died in Hungary back in 1995. I knew those experiences I had came from her, because I felt a feeling of love and hope. Knowing that she would not harm me, but just coming to check up on me that's how she manifested herself. However the thing is that I never even met her let alone even knowing what she looks like, even now. So I guess she wanted to keep her identity a secret until my time is to come.

My last experience happened just last year when I went to visit my God mother and her family is San Antonio TX. Staying there for a while, we all went to the Alamo (in the daytime) and then to the Whitte museum. Now just to let you know that the museum is haunted, I read in on a book of hauntings and on a ghost website. Knowing this my cousin Alex and I decided to scout the whole area (its haunted by the owner who built it) to look for the ghost. I asked everyone there, (except for the family due to skepticism) even the workers and they said that they'd often see the ghost on the stairs, or in the hallways usually in the daytime. (since its closed at night) After about a half hours worth of searching we kinda came up empty. This was odd, since Alex had been there lots of times, every time he was there he'd see the ghost. He stated that I probably had a curse on me that repels any paranormal activity within my presence and range. I was confused at the time but decided not to dwell on it as we all left.

Sometime later in April this year my aunt Annie (who is a psychic medium) E-mailed me, and called me to convey the fact that she has contacted my grandmother, and had very emotional conversations with her.I guess because I was going through very rough times my grandmother wanted to express her emotions to somebody and my aunt Annie was the one to do so, thats how we got closer. (Annie and I) The truth is through all those experiences my grandmother was always there even when I didn't sense her, so I guess from then to here on out my grandmother will always watch over me, I just wonder if it'll affect my encounters with ghosts, hmm one will never know.

Thanks for reading my story.

Andrew K, NY, USA
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