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It's Best To Leave Them Alone

Jesika, CA, USA
May 2009

My name is Jesika.

I have had so many experiences with the paranormal growing up. Whether it be my own experiences, things my mother experienced/we experienced together, or stories friends and other family members have shared with me.

Aside from what a lot of people say about "ghosts" and such, I hold a strong ground on the subject with my opinion that these supernatural beings exist.

It is really difficult to deny or ignore something that you have had in your face for as long as you can remember. When you have personal proof that you can't run away from. Even though sometimes I really want to!

Where I recently moved from, a town out in the middle of nowhere in California, was built on old pioneer grounds.

Since it is right by the Cosumnes River, it actually goes right through the community, there are many, many old grave sites dating as far back as 1800s and there are even old stone houses that have been gated up that are older than time itself and falling apart.

There are also many, many Indian burials there, and during brief chats with the Security guards that patrol the community, they have told me how many times they have been out patrolling the back woods and found dug up graves, where whomever dug them up put the skulls on tree branches =[ I don't know who always does this there or why. It is true, though. People do it a lot out in those woods =/

It is definitely an eerie place to live sometimes... and unfortunately for me, when I lived there, a fave pass-time of my fellow teens there is to go to the old graveyards and hang out (I never really understood why people do that but oh well, ha ha).

First of all, I have always tried to avoid those types of places... anytime I go near them, even if I am not afraid, once we get there I get this sick feeling inside, like a hollow ticking, and feelings of feathers brushing against me.
Sometimes I'll hear voices talking amidst everyone else's chatter, voices that don't belong to anyone I am with. And I am always the only one who hears it =/

One time, last summer (2008) a bunch of us were bored at 1 am and decided to cram into a friend's SUV and truck it to one of the most secluded of all the graveyards there. It was really creepy, because buried there are these two baby twins, girls, and I believe someone saying that those graves were from between 1880-1920 sometime. Maybe even older but I am not sure exactly and I don't want to lie (I never got close enough to see the dates myself, and I will explain why). They are buried next to each other, and, here is the creepy part, growing in between the two graves is a tree, that at about 4 or 5 feet up, splits into two clean separate trunks that hang over either grave.

Out of everything I have ever seen, that has always been one of the creepiest things. You'd have to see it!

So we get there, park, climb through the poor excuse for a gate and are walking through the about 20 feet of field grass towards the grave plots. But as everyone else was running up there, I found myself feeling really dizzy. My vision was seemingly blurring, but I was never able to determine whether these visions were just a bunch of blurring, or me seeing things appearing to me. I kept closing my eyes. I suddenly started hearing these muffled sounds... the only way I can explain it is, you know when you are swimming, and people try to speak underwater to you, the way that sounds? That mixed with that sound when you put your ear to a seashell, that's what it was I was hearing. A sudden waterlogged voice in my ear while everything else sounded normal. I was like okay NOPE and I stopped and asked my friend Ellie to stay behind with me. I don't know exactly who or what it was, but the closer I walked to the graves, the more intense the sound got.
I didn't want to explore it any more, I wasn't in the mood. At all.

Another time during one of these Graveyard trips with my friends, I had that instant feeling that something was watching me the entire time, and when we left, I had a feeling it was following me. When I got home, I was sitting in my mother's room on the phone, when I hear 4 knocks coming from my room, which was right next to hers. I got up to go and check, but saw nothing. Found nothing. There was no one there.

Another one happened here, in my new home. My boyfriend is in the Navy, and in February 2009 I moved to Groton, Connecticut to be with him until we move when he gets his orders. Since I bussed it from Cali to CT, when I got here they rushed to get us a house since Casey was spending a lot on the Hotel Room. So we were given the only place available: a huge two story 3 bedroom home. I have done a little sight-seeing through this woodsy neighborhood, and noticed many old grave sites here, much like the ones from my home town. Old and falling apart. Given my past and my sensitivities, I was thankful that our home was particularly far from any of these sites. Very thankful.

One thing you must know about this house, is that one of the stairs squeaks loudly when stepped on. But it takes a decent amount of pressure to do so.

The other night, I fell asleep relatively early, around 7pm, and woke up in the middle of the night (around 2am). I was laying on the couch and when I opened my eyes, the first things I saw were the two living room windows wide open. I immediately had this eerie feeling, even though Casey was also in the living room passed out on the other couch. I laid there for a long time just staring out the windows. It was raining. I finally got up and shut them, because I have always been uneasy about leaving windows open at night; I am very superstitious.

I sat back down on the couch and rested my head against the side, leaning a little. I tried going back to sleep, but with no avail. I had eventually been sitting there for quite some time, lost in my thoughts, when suddenly I heard this whispering sound. I sat up and looked at Casey, because the sound I had heard was almost like the sound of shuffling blankets. But when I looked, he was still in the same position he had been in since I woke up. Slightly unimpressed with what was going on, I decided to ignore it and continue to try and sleep.

Again, I heard the sound. Whispering and shuffling that seemed to zip all through the downstairs area. I sat up again and looked around, saw nothing, and decided to really try and sleep this time.

I lay down and closed my eyes, but not even 20 seconds later, I heard it.
The stair in the staircase released a long, loud drawn out sigh. Short and quick at first, and then another, loud, as if someone very heavy had stepped on it.
That was about the time I began to get a little creeped out because until this time I had found this house to be rather pleasant and paranormal-free. In a moment of panic I sat up and shook Casey till he woke up, and told him I heard something. He only stayed awake for about 10 seconds, but it made me feel better.
I eventually lay back down and finally fell asleep.

Since then, nothing else has happened. At times I hear things in the kitchen when no one else is here, or at night when Casey has duty and I have to tough out the night alone. But so far nothing too serious. I have learned to just say "Stop it!!" or "Shut UP!" when I feel a presence or hear unexplainable noises.
It seems to keep it at bay

I have had so many other experiences and I am always happy to share them and hear of other peoples experiences.

I'd post them here but this is good enough, so if you want to know more, e-mail me and I will be more than happy to reply and talk about it =]


Jesika, CA, USA
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