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It's Hard To Say Goodbye

June 2006

Several years ago my husband and I were preparing to move from a house we had lived in for several years with our daughter and grandson. Our grandson had spent his entire life up to that point in that home.

We had been aware of a presence in the house ever since we had moved in. Whatever it was didn't give off bad vibes so for the most part we ignored it.
Often, we would catch a glimpse of a shadow moving from room to room. My husband seemed more aware than than rest of us. He mentioned that often while in the basement he would feel as though he was being watched.

Another time he woke up and there was an elderly lady standing at the foot of the bed looking at him. He said he closed his eyes because he thought maybe he was seeing things, but now the woman was standing right beside him then she disappeared.

From the time our grandson was big enough to lay on a pallet he would watch a certain wall in the living room. He would laugh and hold out his arms toward the wall like there was someone there entertaining him. We would be holding him and he would play peep-eye with the wall, laughing and giggling.
We sometimes talked about how the "ghost" seemed to enjoy playing with him.

Anyway, on this night we were packing to move the next day when our daughter and grandson, who was a little over 4 by this time, left to spend the night elsewhere. I made the comment to my husband that it was sad that that would be the last time Austin, our grandson, would ever be in that house. Immediately, our TV screen went white and a loud groaning noise issued from it, unlike any noise I've ever heard from anything electronic. It only lasted about 30 seconds before the show we had been watching came back on, but the hair on the back of my neck stood staight up. During that time, the atmosphere in the room felt as though something was in intense anguish. I also had the feeling it was connected with my daughter and grandson so I called her to make sure they were alright.

Our TV has never done anything like that again, so I can only assume that the spirit who lived in that house was upset because it would never see Austin again.

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