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It's Her Day

Braena, MN, USA
May 2007

While my mother is a very practical woman, she related this story to me, which to this day, she cannot explain.

My mom's name is Kim. She was around 13 years old when this happened, and was at a sleep over with a bunch of friends. It was late, and they had gotten bored of whatever they had been doing, so one of them suggested they take out the Ouija board. They started playing and apparently ended up contacting an unknown spirit. They asked him or her the normal girlish questions about who liked which girl, who they were going to marry, how many kids would they have, what jobs would they have, etc. It kept going on like this for a while until this spirit started predicting this horrible accident and describing it in great detail. They were obviously very scared but wanted to know when it was going to happen and to who. The spirit answered "Ask Kim - It's her day." Truly frightened, they put the board away and decided to call it a night.

A few months later, my grandmother received a call informing them that her nephew, Petey, had been killed in a car accident the day before. He was driving in Montana, on his way to an army base in California, and had been hit by a semi truck which had jumped the median. My mom and Petey had been very good friends, and the news was devastating to her. Then she remembered what the Ouija board had said; they received the call the day after her birthday. Petey was killed on "her day".

Braena, MN, USA
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