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It's the Little Things

Barbara Ladin, California, USA
October 1998

Ititled this story the little things because there have been just that, a number of little things, that make me believe that my son (now 8) has always been a sort of magnet for paranormal activity.

It started before he could talk he would just stare at a corner of the livingroom in the apartment we lived in for twenty to thirty minutes just making cute babbling noises. I thought it was just a baby thing. Then as he got a little older and could talk, I found him in the living room just talking away to that same corner. When I offhandedly asked him who he was taking to he said "the white lady"." Huh?" I asked him what he had just said and he said again "the white lady". I pressed him further but he lost interest in his conversation with her and with me, and could no longer be bothered. It is very hard to get an 18 month old child to talk when they don't want to, and even harder to get them to quit when they do. Two months later we bought a house and celebrated my son's 2nd birthday in the new home. Then the creaking started. I didn't even notice it a first. It was the same sort of creaking you hear when you live in the first floor of an apartment building (like we just came from) that creaking that means the people who live above you are home. Well it took me a couple of days to realize no one lived above me any longer. I mentioned it to my husband and he gave me his typical male response "just the house settling, dear". Ok, so one night my husband and I are sound asleep when we were awoken in the middle of the night by this terrible siren sound. We both jumped out of bed, hearts pounding when we realized to our horror the noise was coming from our sons room. I was too paralyzed to move, so frightened I was in tears, when it occurred to me what I was hearing was a familiar sound. A toy, a police car toy, my boy was playing in his room in the middle of the night. My husband recognized the sound at the same time and stormed off to confront his young heir. I crawled back to bed shivering. A few moments passed, I strained to hear the conversation between father and son. I only heard the sound off the siren which I believed was taking to long to be turned off. My husband walked back into the room holding the accursed toy wrapped in a blanket. He sat down beside me and said, "He wasn't even awake. Just sound asleep the toy didn't even wake him up". I asked him if he was sure and my husband said " I can tell when a three year old is faking sleep".

I was troubled by the toy and what had caused it to go off in the middle of the night? Why did it take so long for him to turn it off? My husband said it took him so long to turn it off because it was not turned on. The button was clearly in the off position and he had to toggle it a few times to turn it off. He placed the car on our dresser, and got back into bed. Of course we talked for awhile but I eventually started to drift off to sleep, but just before I drifted off I noticed that my husband got out of bed, went over to the car and popped out the batteries.

Ok so far all is somewhat explainable right? Sure no big deal everyone has experiences like these at sometime or another in their life right? right! Well then it gets a little crazy. I started to notice what I have called corner people. These are the people in my house that I notice out of the corner of my eye. People who have a tendency to look at me by peering around corners so that I just catch a glimpse of their hands and face. One is a little girl, one is a man. The man is responsible for my most memorable midday scare. I was laying in my room not sleeping, just daydreaming, watching my son and husband playing in the backyard through the window doors in my room. The house was deathly quiet just the faint sound of my loved ones in the backyard playing when I heard the distinct sound of pages being turned coming from the next room. I jumped up and ran in there not even realizing what I was doing. As I ran through the door, I saw him just peering around the corner looking at me. I stated to scream. My husband ran in and found me crying and frightened.

A week later, I walked into my house, no one else was home. I walked into the kitchen, his presence was in there. The overhead light started to flicker. I just lost it. I yelled " I cant do this! Your freaking me out please stop scaring me!" As the words left my mouth the light became steady.

Well as I stated earlier my son is now 8 the corner people have been with us for some time but they leave us alone ( I guess no one likes being yelled at).

Barbara Ladin, California, USA
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