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It All Started One Night

November 2003

It all began one evening when my husband and myself were home. It was late and we had decided to go to bed. About 2:00 in the morning, my husband got up to use the restroom. He came back, without incident and crawled back in bed. I then got up. When I got to the door, the air had a thick feel to it. I was leary but nature was calling and I had to go.

I ran down the short hall to the bathroom. I finished up and ran back to the bedroom slamming the door behind me. I then jumped into the bed and pulled the covers around me. As soon as I laid down, the bedroom door opened and then shut on its own accord! My husband asked me "did you see that?" I had been facing the wall and did not, but I had heard it. He had seen the whole thing. There was no A/C or heat running nor any windows open so that could not have been its cause. The two dogs were asleep on the floor and were not near the door. Needless to say we were spooked. We stayed up for a few minutes and then laid back down. As soon as I closed my eyes someone whispered in my ear "goodnight." I wasn't afraid then.

That night started it all. From then on things would be moved from one place only to be found at the opposite end of the house, lights would turn off and on, smoke detectors would go off with no batteries in them, all the usual things you hear about.

We were never really scared and we named "him" Casper. He seemed to mischievous more than anything. Our dogs on the other hand did not like him. They would stare down into the dark basement and growl with their fur raised. Of course, upon inspection nothing would be there.

Since this has all begin, I can sense when there are "other people" in our home. I have only been afraid a few times but for the most part they seem to just play tricks. The only time I REALLY have seem a full ghost was when I was pregnant with my son. I was walking out the door to leave for work and for some reason had the urge to take one last scan of the living room. I turned around and standing there was a young woman just staring at me. I was not afraid in the least. I just said huh and left.

I have many more stories for a later time. Hope you enjoyed it!

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