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It Called to Me

May 2004

Many years ago I was spending the night at a friends house. I stayed all day the next morning and afternoon. I decided to leave at around 9:30 p.m. it had gotten dark already, but I had brought a flashlight.

As I walked home, I passed the old abandoned home which nobody, I repeat nobody, ever went near.
About 100 years before something happened in the house, something terrible and horrifying.

Some people say a newlywed couple lived there, but the bride's lover got so jealous he killed both and buried them under the house. Another story was that a young child was playing hide and go seek, with their friend, and got locked in a trunk in the attic. But I was told the most believable story, a story with the most evidence.

The house was built in 1904 and a young couple had moved into it. Now the town it is in didn't exactly approve of them because they were so rich and owned more than anyone in the town, and the town got jealous, so they burned down part of the house, which would explain why the left side of the house is black and charred. The couple died a painful death, and their agonizing screams could be heard blocks away, but nobody did anything about it.

As I was saying I was walking past this house and got a creepy feeling I was being called to the house. At first I was frightened, I just wanted to run, but then I got really curious, I just wanted to take a peek inside, just real quick. So I walked up the sidewalk and opened the gate, which was about to fall off and it's paint basically all chipped off. I walked through the front lawn, which was full of weeds and tall grass, and there was a huge tree towering over everything, almost reaching the second floor. Then I walked to the front door. It was painted black and had a gold colored knocker on the front. Surprisingly the door was unlocked, so I opened it. As soon as I opened it, I felt a chill run down my spine. Then a feeling of terror, and pain, I wasn't even halfway through the door, but I walked further anyways.

Everything was covered with white sheets and was really dusty. Parts of the ceiling had fallen in. I walked over to a little stand, and pulled the sheet off of it. Under were about 4 pictures, old fashioned, black and white. One with a couple who'd just gotten married. It's a great feeling when you get to look at the history of someone else. I didn't look at the rest because something was calling me to the part of the house that was burned down.

As I walked to it I felt the coldest feeling ever, a feeling that made me stop dead in my tracks, then I saw it, the little orb they say ghosts sometimes can be.

It floated towards the burnt part, so I followed it. When I stepped into the burnt part I felt like I was being burned. I tried to move forward when suddenly the floor fell in, and my leg along with it. I screamed in pain and agony. Then suddenly I felt like I was being suffocated, I tried to yell to whatever it was that was doing this to me. Then it let go, so I yelled for help "HELP! Help me please, it's trying to kill me!", then I waited for about 10 minutes, but nobody came. So I decided to do something.
I carefully dragged myself out of the hole, and to the front door, trouble was I couldn't reach the door knob. I waited thinking of what to do, when suddenly the knob turned and the door opened. I don't know what let me out, but I'm thankful.

Luckily I was found in the morning, turns out I had a broken leg, and a few broken toes, and strange bruises around my neck.

I tried to tell people about my story, but nobody believed me. Now I finally can.

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