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It Tried To Kill Me

Jenny D. D., Alberta, Canada
November 2001

I grew up in a small town in Alberta, Canada. I was always skeptical about ghosts, paranormal, and the likes. But I would still help my friends hold seances and talk about ghost stories and urban legends. It was fun ?. until I had a couple of encounters myself. And they were not pleasant encounters either!!!

The house I grew up in has no stories or the land around it has none either that I know of. It was a new house when we moved into it, in a new area of town.

When I was in grade seven, my best friend, Erin and I threw a slumber party, asking all the girls in the seventh grade to come. At this slumber party we decided to tell ghost stories. Erin, and I made up this ghost story to really freak everyone out. We said that when my house was being built, a man named Henry died during the construction of a violet act. And to cover up the crime, the men that murdered him buried his body in the concrete and he was still buried in the basement to this day.

Being young, and believing everything, everyone believed us!! They were all a little freaked to know that they were sleeping on the spot where he was buried. Anyway, we all went to bed that night, three on the bed and eight on the floor. My basement is a big open floor plan, so you can see all corners from the bed. There was only one room, a furnace room, which held the furnace & freezer. Anyway, it must have been 3 in the morning, when one of the girls was screaming, waking all of us up! She said she saw something in the corner of the room, adjacent to where she was sleeping. It was a white glow, with purple to it. She couldn't make it out but she sensed it was evil. By then all the other girls jumped on the bed, and tried to go back to sleep. My friend and I went to sleep easily, thinking she was just trying to scare us. Then about an hour later, two other girls screamed. Amanda said something grabbed her ankle, and Jennifer said something grabbed her arm. Both girls had red marks on them from whatever grabbed them. Needless to say, everyone moved upstairs, where we slept on the living room floor.

I never really thought about it again. Thinking it was just the girls trying to scare me.

When I was 16 years old, in grade 10, I had another experience. I have no idea what happened, but I am pretty sure now that the girls at the slumber party in grade seven were telling the truth. I was having a sleep over with two of my best pals. Erin and Becky. We watched sappy movies, talked about boys and school, in the basement. Erin and I were laughing about how we freaked everyone out in grade seven about Henry. Becky laughed about it too, even though she hadn't been there. We eventually turned off the light and went to sleep.

Later, about 3:30 am, Becky woke me up, shaking me hard, and whispered that there was something in the corner of the basement. I opened my eyes, and immediately was filled with fear. I could not move and I could not scream. Something was standing in the corner, looking at us; It was tall, with a whitish mist around it and purple hue to it too. I shook Erin awake, and the three of us lay on the floor, close together, shivering. Afterwards, we all mentioned we were frozen, literally paralyzed and could not move, even if we wanted too. I managed to yelled out, and whatever it was faded away. As soon as it was gone, the three of us jumped and ran upstairs!

Now, you think it's over? Well its not. The reason why I told you I yelled at the misty figure is because I think I made it mad, and it came back to get even with me.

I was sleeping soundly in my room about two weeks later. It was a school night, so I went to bed early. I remember I was having a dream, which I was struggling with something I could not see. I could actually feel myself swinging my arms. Then something put its hand around my throat and started choking me. I woke up and found I could not breath. Something was choking me!! I couldn't breath; I was swinging my arms trying to protect myself, when this thing started lifting me off the bed. I really thought I was going to die; I kicked my legs hard and managed to knock over my bedside lamp, making a huge crashing noise. My parents heard this, and I could hear them both running down the stairs, their bedroom is on the top floor, mine was on the main. Anyway, whatever had me, dropped me and let go of my throat. My parents rushed in and when my mom saw me she started crying. My neck was all red and bruised, in the shape of a hand print, from whatever was grabbing me, my stomach and back had scratches all over them.

My parents put me in the spare bedroom and later that week put the house up for sale. According to them, this had happened before, to my brother. My brother is much older than me and was in college. At the time, my parents had thought, he might have done it to himself, but after they saw me, and the injuries I suffered, they sold the house!

If anyone has had an experience like this, please email me. It was a horrifying experience that I never talked about to anyone, except my parents.

Jenny D. D., Alberta, Canada
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