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It Vanished

W. Grills and B. Hall, Kentucky, USA
January 2003

It was a few summers ago when I (Grills) and my friend (Hall) had decided that we would hang out at the park. We decided that we would go sit on the benches in front of the then abandoned outdoor theatre.

As we sat and talked about mindless and trivial things we noticed a large shadowy being standing in the doorway of the theatre. It must have been 7 feet and tall and it had to be a male just because of the size. It was slender and menacing and just the site made us feel threatened. But, being idiot teenagers we decided to approached (or rather run and try to tackle it) As we tried this is ran into a field out back. We followed.

We gave chase for a few yards and then it turned around and moved as if it were going to attack us, then it turned and kept running. We chased it until it reached the woods where it ran through a brick wall left over from the seed of a house. It simply vanished. I don't mean that it crashed through the wall i mean walked totally through it!

A few months later we were sitting in Hall's house (which happens to be a few yards from the old theatre), when we heard a banging on his bedroom window. We look through and the blinds were pulled up, we saw a shadow figure rapping on the window. We ran outside. We saw it turn a corner around the house we followed it.

It had disappeared.

Now I ask if any of you have any info as to what this could be or what this could mean please contact us?

W. Grills and B. Hall, Kentucky, USA
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