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It Wasn't Me

Claire Russell, Canada
April 2002

Hi My name is Claire and I'm 11 years of age. I recently had a freaky experience while reading a book in my bedroom. I hope you enjoy my story!

It was about 10:00 at night and I was reading a book in my bedroom. I had gone to bed early after a long day at piano lessons and piano lessons. I was really tired so I decided to put my book down and go to sleep. I didn't know then what I know now, that i wouldn't get much sleep!

It all started with the usual sort of things that happen at my house (My house is pretty old 200-230 and a guy also had a heart attack in my parent's room which is right across from my room) the books falling off the shelf in my parents room and sort of being slid across the floor. I yelled at it to stop but then i heard footsteps running into the bathroom. My mom yelled "Hey! Claire, honey please get back in bed!" and I yelled back down to her "But I am in bed!"

I guess I fell asleep then because I only remember waking up to someone in my room playing music on my stereo. The volume was low, as if not to disturb me, but boy did it ever! I opened my eyes because I had been listening to it with my eyes closed for about 5 minutes and thought I should turn it off. As soon as I opened my eyes... it went off all by itself! Boy was I freaked! That had never happened before! Then ( of course!) the footsteps started again running into the bathroom. This time my mom didn't call up for me to stop, I think she knew it wasn't me!

I closed my eyes and opened them once again to the sound of the toilet flushing. It would flush and then wait for about 2 minutes and then flush again! I admit it was kind of annoying! I also knew that it wouldn't be my mom since I could hear her banging around downstairs! I don't have any younger siblings either so it couldn't have a little brother/sister of mine! I decided to go into the bathroom and stop this crazy flushing of toilets!

I'm not sure if I should've gone in there! It made me so scared I wouldn't go to bed until my mom had gotten into bed already! I'd even sleep with her if my dad was working late! Anyway, I walked into the bathroom and saw a woman standing in front of the toilet and flushing it! She was wearing a yellow dress and a little blue and white checkered bonnet, she had red hair and green eyes. Of course I was staring at her so i noticed all this unable to help myself! So obviously I was glued to the floor.

She looked at me and slowly floated towards me and said "Claire, scared yet?" what do you think my answer was? "Meuhg..." Of course I know "Meuhg" isn't a word but hey, it's basically all i could say! She started this evil laugh and started to stare at me with this evil doll face and... I ran downstairs and grabbed my mom crying!

I've seen her around still, in my house. She sometimes disappears and doesn't reappear for a few days. But sometimes just looks at me then looks away but, she doesn't scare me as much now that I found some information on my house. I realized that she's just a woman that is staying in her old house where she lived alone and she's unhappy! Nothing to be scared of!

Hope this isn't long and boring! It's just one of the scariest things that's happened to me!


Claire Russell, Canada
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