Kylie, New South Wales, Australia
March 2000

This is actually about my daughter, who is now 3. From the age of about 16 months she has talked to a 'friend' called James, and his name is one of the first words she came out with. I put this down to a cousin of hers called James, but realised one day that she'd started talking about this 'friend' before she'd heard of her cousin.

Recently a neighbor's child and she were drawing, and I heard the name come up. About 5 minutes later they appeared, and she said that she had a present for me. She gave me a picture of a smiling figure with two large circles behind it. She told me it was a picture of James. When I asked her what the circle things were, she said they were wings!

I've contemplated the thought that James is possibly a guardian angel, and I have endeavored to try and capture him on film, to no avail.

Well, from the lovely picture she drew, it looks like he is a happy 'friend', and I know he has provided her with hours of company! (I've also caught my young son, now 2, busily talking with no-one in particular, and wonder if it is James or another friend - I have to wait until his language is better to ask who it is).

Kylie, New South Wales, Australia
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