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Virginia, USA
January 1998

Lots of weird things have happened to me and my sister. One of the weirdest was our encounter with Jamie. One day when my sister's friend was over, I wasn't there but I'll take her word for it, they had an experience they'll probably never forget.

She was about to put a CD in the player when the lights started to blink. When she put the CD back in its case they stopped. They ran out of the house then the door slammed behind them. When I got home and she was home she told me about it. We started asking it questions and it would answer by blinking the lights. It wouldn't answer if it was a boy or girl so we asked it if it would like the name "Jamie", it said yes. I was so scared. One time I saw it. I was sitting on the floor when I looked over and saw a figure on our loveseat. It looked like a girl but I'm not sure. It was sitting with their head in their hands watching the TV. I didn't say anything. Jamie is gone now. Thank God. I'm not scared that it will come back but it's still a ghost and I don't want it .

Virginia, USA
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