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Jersey Avenue Hauntings

Jennifer Wilczewski, NJ, USA
August 2002

This is a pretty long story but I think it will be worth reading so just bear with me.

I live in a 5 story apartment building, I'm originally from Florida but moved to New Jersey as a baby. I've lived in the building ever since we moved here. A lot of weird things have happened in this building, a lot of people have also died in this building before or after we moved in.

There was one boy that was crushed in the elevator while playing with a ball. A woman killed herself in her apartment and my mom found her body. Another woman died in her apartment as well and my mom also found her. My cousin was found dead in an apartment and he was also found by my mom.

There were deaths in the building before we moved in but we weren't really told about them, but I have heard a few words about those people from the older tenants here.

A close friend of my family that lives on the fifth floor says he sometimes hear or see things in his apartment and in the hallways. In the basement where I live with my mom, dad, and my brother I sometimes see figures at the end of the hall in the laundry room. At the end of the hall is a storage room which contains the wheelchair of an old woman that died in her apartment too. Sometimes I think that the woman is trying to get it back so she can get around.

At night the building gives off an odd feeling even outside. If you sit outside at night it feels like the building is watching you. At night things are heard louder than during the day. My dog and cat freak out for no reason at all. Sometimes my cat will just sit in one place all puffy and stare at nothing for a long time until whatever he is staring at is disturbed or he thinks it's not there anymore.

My first dog died in our living room and my cat particularly likes to stare at the spot where she died. My grandmothers old rocking chair starts to rock by itself and my cat won't go near it. Things tend to disappear and return hours later in other rooms especially in my room. I think my cousin is behind that because he was a humorous person.

One night I was lying on my bed watching TV and I felt a hand on my head like someone was checking on me, it freaked me out but I didn't leave the room.

I've seen other things as well, my lights go on by themselves or my door might shut by itself, I see figures in the living room a lot. In my room and in my parents room too. When I sleep I get a weird feeling like I'm being watched, my grandmother used to sleep in my room.

I definitely believe in ghosts and spirits, I have told my parents a few things but not everything that has happened. My mom said that after my dog Roxy died she went outside to open my dad's garage the ground was wet because the snow that was there had melted, before she got to the garage she looked at the mud and she saw dog paw prints. On her way back from the garage they were gone, my mom thought and still thinks that Roxy was watching over her still because whenever my mom would go outside, she would have Roxy at her side.

Everybody loved that dog, our friends and family fell in love with her, she died a painful death in front of myself, my little brother, my mom and dad. She's still in the apartment and she is always thought of.

I still experience weird things here, I'm very open to these kinds of things, my dad is also. I try to not let it scare me because if it wanted to harm me it would have already done so.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have any comments e-mail me.

Thanks again.

Jennifer Wilczewski, NJ, USA
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