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Junior is Watching

Lauren, A.C.T., Australia
October 1999

This following story is mainly centered on a friend of mine and her family. The events took place at her home.

I had always known Deb and Susan through primary school but early in high school we all became good friends. We started hanging out together after school a lot and would go to each others houses. One day at school Susan began telling us of how she'd hear footsteps outside her bedroom window. Then more weird stuff started to happen, small household items would disappear only to reappear elsewhere in the house days later, there were cold spots in her bedroom, her bed would shake violently in the middle of the night and sparks would fly from the heater in her room.

The entity was more playful than harmful and her family got used to odd things happening. Heck, they even made fun of it! The family would be watching TV in the lounge room and the door would open by itself and everyone in the room would yell "shut the door", and the door would close again! The spirit was given the pet name "Junior", after a friend who'd died in a motorcycle accident and who they believed was responsible for the disturbances.

There were some scary bits however. Susan woke one night to go to the toilet, upon leaving the bathroom she looked down the hallway to her bedroom and standing outside her door was a figure of a person in white. She said she could see right through it!! She was terrified. So she closed her eyes and ran to her room, through the figure in white and hid under the sheets. Afterwards she heard someone walking around outside her bedroom.

The only experience I had while at her house was this;
I was over for the day and had to go to the toilet, as I was in there I looked up and saw the shape of what I thought looked like someones head covered in a white cloth walking past (there is a window pane of translucent glass in the toilet door at shoulder height, it's hard to see out of or into...thankfully) but I couldn't make out any details. I thought nothing of it until Susan told me her figure in white story. I never stayed overnight at her house after that, but Deb did.

Deb experienced a lot of happenings too, she'd be present when the bed started shaking and always had trouble sleeping there as she would be freezing all night, even though the heater was on.

Things have quietened down now and Junior rarely makes himself known. But I still sometimes get the feeling I'm being watched when I'm alone at Susans house.

Lauren, A.C.T., Australia
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