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Just A Friend

Penelope, Straumsvik, Iceland
September 2006

This story is true; whether you believe it or not it actually happened.

About 7 years ago, my brother, sister, cousins, father, and I moved from America to Iceland. I was about 15 at the time and had no previous experiences with the paranormal.
My sister, Beth, was very interested in ghosts and haunting's and visited our local cemetery often. We lived in a microscopic town in Michigan and she would sit there and just watch the graves for any sign of activity. She would come home after dark sometimes and get a lecture from my father. "This town isn't as safe as you think, Bethany." He would say in the sternest voice he could make, "There are crooks out here that will try and take you away!" My mother was murdered just a year before when I was 14 and Beth was 16. The murderer was never found and they couldn't find any suspects. So my father tried to protect us as much as possible to the point where we couldn't even go out of the house after 6:00 p.m. unless we were staying at a friends house.
When we moved to Iceland, Dad tried to find a house that was nowhere near a cemetery, but his job made it nearly impossible not to, seeing as it was just two blocks from a cemetery.
There was a house for sale right next to the cemetery and we ended up purchasing that one. My father figured that if Beth was going to hang out in cemeteries, he would rather her be closer to home just in case she was to get into any kind of trouble.
Two weeks after we moved in Beth started going to the cemetery frequently. She was very depressed about the sudden loss of our mother and the big move. One day, close to 7:00 p.m., mid october, Beth came home early from her cemetery visit. [She usually stayed there until at least 10:00 or 11:00 at night!] She walked in the door pale as a ghost, and walked up the stairs straight into our room [we were forced to share seeing as our three cousins and brother were also living with us.] She didn't acknowledge anyone. I was worried someone had hurt her or did something to her because she was a very social and talkative person, and usually greets us when she comes in.
I walked up to our room and asked her what was the matter. She always told me how bad she wanted to see a ghost, maybe even our mom. They were very close and Beth took her death really hard. I had to ask Beth a couple times before she answered. "Bethany Gene Timball! What is the matter with you?!?" I practically shouted. Finally she looked at me and whispered, "Penny, I saw one" I just stared at her in disbelief. My sister was a very honest person. She wouldn't lie to me, especially about something like that. "Well, Beth, what did it look like?" She looked down at our carpet. What she told me was disturbing to me. "It was a boy, an older boy, maybe 19 or 20. He was very attractive yet, creepy. Oddly, he was dressed pretty fashionably but something wasn't right about him, Penny. He just stared at me. I got so scared he was going to hurt me. I was sitting on a grave and he started to walk towards me. I could hardly breathe. He had a piece of paper in his hand. He just dropped it next to a tree and walked away, towards old man Raxbows farm. I just felt like I needed to go see what was on the piece of paper. When I looked toward the boy, he was gone..." She just stopped talking and looked down again.
"Bethy, what did the piece of paper say?"
I had to know, I was really getting into this. My sister, then, pulled a yellowed receipt out of her pocket. I unfolded it and was overcome with shock at what was printed clearly in blue ink on that piece of paper. It was a credit card receipt for a 65 oz. bottle of AntiFreeze with my mothers signature on it. It was dated the day right before she died. My mother was poisoned, and the autopsy proved that AntiFreeze was the poison used by the killer. It became very clear to me and Beth that my mother had committed suicide. There WAS no murderer, and that is why they couldn't find him/her or any suspects.
Beth and I debated on whether to show Dad the paper, or let him think that someone had murdered her. We showed him the paper. "Oh My God! Where did you two find this?" he asked us after he read it. Beth and I both looked at each other and said "Just, a friend."

Penelope, Straumsvik, Iceland
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