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Just A Mile Down The Road

February 2006

My office is building is located in Sunnyvale, CA. It’s just down the road, a little over a mile, from a Toys R Us store. I mention this particular toy store because many Websites have mentioned it as being haunted. I believe a well known Psychic even held a seance there and encountered the lost spirit of someone named Jonny Johnson who still remains. I have been to this Toys R Us store dozens of times, hoping to see some kind of paranormal activity, but have never seen anything.

My office building, on the other hand, is another story. It is a large, two-story building and my company occupied two bottom suites. There were probably 20 suites total in the building. Our neighbors were other small companies and even a couple of doctor’s offices. I am not that familiar with the history of the city, only that the area where the Toy R Us and my building were located is said to have been a part of a large ranch and orchard.

A lot of weird things happened to me while I occupied our second suite. Most of my co-workers were in the larger suite across the hall and there were only two of us in this other room. The room had a smaller office in one corner where the office manager (OM) spent most of her time while I had a desk by one of the windows. It was basically a room with a small room. One door led out into the hallway and the other door was an exit to the parking lot.

There were several occurrences and I have to begin with the one that startled me the most. I was at my desk, which faced the hallway door. I was working at something on my computer and could see the door just beyond. As I sat working, I saw a person walk in, go across the room and enter the smaller office. The person looked small, wearing a pink top and had dark hair. I didn’t think anything out of the ordinary since my manager was petite and had dark hair. But as soon as I thought that, I realized something was wrong with what I just saw. My manager was wearing a cream colored sweater that day, not pink.

I then heard a noise by the hall door and saw that the (OM) entered after using the ladies room. I stared in complete shock. Who in the world just came in and walked into her office?

I got up and walked the twenty steps to see inside her small office and found it absolutely empty. For anyone to leave, they would have to come out the same way they entered by the hall door, which I was standing next to, or by the exit door, which I had a clear view of.

There were many instances, when I would be in the OM’s small office and could hear someone moving things around in the outer office. It sounded like someone was looking for something. Every time I peaked out the door to see who was there, thinking they needed some help, no one would be in the room. This was almost a daily occurrence.

Another time, I was stocking some books on the shelves near the hall doorway. I had my back to the smaller office. Now the OM had what I would call a cup cover that she used. She drank tea and to keep the contents warm, she was always covering the cup with this cover. The noise it made was similar to the sound made when a pot or pan is covered with it’s top. It’s a very distinct sound and I must have heard it over three or four time a day.

While stocking the shelves, I heard that cup cover being used. Since my back was turned away from the room, the OM could have entered and gone into her office without me seeing. I turned to go into that room to talk with her. I took two steps and stopped. Once again, no one was in the room. The OM was in the other suite doing some work and her cup and cup cover were on her desk side by side.

There is nothing I can think of that you could mistake for the sound. You hear all the normal sounds in the office. Printers, computer humming, fax machine, phones ringing, etc. Only two people drank hot beverages in our small company. The OM who wasn’t drinking anything when I heard the noise and the company owner whose office was on the other side of the building.

One afternoon, around 3 pm, when I was looking over the shipping materials under the tables and I saw what looked to be a dark mist or smoke rise up and hover just a few inches above the carpet. I blinked my eyes and saw it clearly for maybe ten seconds before it disappeared.

The last incident I remembered was coming in one morning and opening up the offices. When I opened the door to my office, I was about to turn on the lights and I saw across the room, someone seated at my desk staring at me. The person was definitely female with dark hair and she was there for just two second before she vanished. I almost yelled out, who the he** are you when she disappeared.

We eventually gave up this second office when the company had to downsize a few years ago. I wasn’t too upset having to give up that larger office for a smaller cubicle in the other suite. At least I knew whom I was working with in the other room.

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