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Just Dropping In

July 2005

My house is relatively young, there's no dark past, no murders, no suicides, nothing of the sort, so it was rather unusual when something decided to visit us.

My mother and I both are incredibly interested in the paranormal and are completely open to the possibility that there's something else out there, so it was no surprise to us that whatever came to visit, only made contact with the two of us.

Both of our experiences were reoccurring, mine had been happening months before her experiences had started, (which led me to the conclusion that they were not the same ghost) but they had ended at approximately the same time.

First, lets start with my experiences. For months I would see this big, dark figure, completely covered in black. Every time I saw it, it looked exactly the same. It wore a trench coat, a top hat, and boots. He stood about 6 feet, five inches tall and he was very muscular. I would see him consistently. It didn't matter the time of day. Sometimes I'd see him in the middle of the night, sometimes I'd see him while I was sitting at the table eating lunch. Whenever I saw him, I never felt threatened. When he was around, I always felt like he was just there to look around and say hello. I knew that I was the only one who could see him because one night, while I was sitting in my brothers room with my brother and my mom, he was there, and no one said anything so I just kept my mouth shut for we were about to turn in for the night and I didn't want to scare my younger brother who was 11 or 12 at the time, but unlike me, he was easily scared.

The last time I saw him, it was the middle of the night and I had woken up for no reason at all. I saw him looking at the knickknacks on my dresser. This had become a familiar routine for me and I had just closed my eyes, ready to go back to sleep. Seconds later, something told me to open my eyes. I did just that, and there he was. Right in front of my face. Startled, I blinked and moved back a little and about ten seconds later, he disappeared and I haven't seen him sense then. I think he woke me up to say goodbye. I kind of missed him for awhile. I had grown so accustomed to seeing him every day that I had almost looked forward to his visits.

My mother had her experience with the paranormal days before my ghost had left, though she didn't tell me about it until months later.

She believes that the ghost who came to visit her was her dad, who died when she was twelve. One night, my mother was sleeping in my room, (my parents had just filed for divorce, so she slept in my room and I slept in my brothers extra bunk bed in his room) and she had awoken in the middle of the night to see the beaded curtains that hung from my closet suddenly start moving when there were no windows open, the fan wasn't on, and there are no air vents by them. Her other encounter, he specifically called out to her.

I was sitting on my mom's bed, watching television and she was folding laundry. My two lazy dogs slept by the foot of the bed when suddenly my mother asked me, "Did you hear that?" "What?" I asked. "I just heard someone say my name." "Was it a man or a woman?" I replied. "It was a man. And it distinctly said my name." It wasn't my brother or my father who said her name. Finally, she said, "You know what? I'll bet it was one of the dogs. They probably yawned or something," This was an excuse my mother and I often used. If something really scary happened that can't be explained, we blamed the dogs, even if we knew that it really wasn't. :o) Later, my mom admitted that she only said that because she thought it was scaring me. Though, I knew that it wasn't the yawning of a lazy mutt, for my mother's name would be near impossible to say clearly if one were merely yawning. (I'd prefer not to reveal her name).

The final experience was the last time we heard from my possible grandfather. There used to be an old antique fridge in our kitchen, whose handles were solid brass and impossible to damage, despite the age. However, one morning we awoke to find one of the handles completely bent backwards. That was the last we heard from grandpa, if it was him.

Thanks for reading!

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