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Just Saw An Angel

Eileen, USA
October 2001

I used to work the 3-11 shift at a nursing home. I am a registered nurse. One night I was sitting at my desk doing some paperwork and one of my nurses assistants was standing at the desk doing hers. She could see down the hallway and I could not from where I was sitting. All of a sudden she said "Oh my god, I just saw a lady walk across the hall into another room".

While you may not think this is strange, it is because all of our patients at that end of the hall where bed bound. This scared me because this certain assistant was a no nonsense type of lady and just would not joke about something like this.

A couple of nights later we were doing our same nightly routine of paperwork and the call light in that room kept coming on by itself, there was nobody in that room at the time. I just shrugged it off as an electrical malfunction and would tell the maintenance man later.

The very next night, we had brought one of the patients up to nurses desk, he had Alzheimers and was very disoriented. So to keep him from waking the others we brought him to our station to keep an eye on him. Nothing he said would ever make sense and he was also almost blind. Well what he said next made the hair raise on the back on my neck. He was positioned facing the room that the call light had been coming on and that the assistant had seen a lady go into. All of a sudden he said just as plain as day "I just saw an angel go into that room" I went over to him and tried to ask him what he had seen, but he was right back to saying things that didn't make sense. I truly believe that he saw something to make him say that.

Eileen, USA
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