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Just to Say Goodbye

Kim, Connecticut, USA
January 1998

Ihave to start this out by saying that before this happened to me, I did not believe in ghosts, hauntings, visitations, etc. A true nonbeliever I guess. Well, in July of 1982, that all changed.

A dear friend of mine had hung himself out behind his house. Everyone was devastated by his suicide. When he left us, he also left a lot of unanswered questions behind especially, why he did it.

One night about two weeks after his death, I was gathered with five other friends at his parents house going through pictures and other memories. I have to add that his parents had two watch dogs (very good ones at that). One of them was a doberman pincer, the other a german shepherd. These dogs were extremely protective and would never allow anything to happen to anyone in that house.

As stated before, we were looking at all these pictures. All of the sudden, the dogs (who were in the kitchen), started whimpering. The kitchen door was rattling as if someone was trying to open the locked door. The dogs bolted from the kitchen and joined us in the living room where they cowered in the corner still whimpering. The front door which was behind us, opened slowly. Thd dogs ran back towards the kitchen then stopped abruptly. The dogs sat down and looked as if they were being petted by some invisible (to us) being. Then the dogs seemed to be following this presence around to where we were all still sitting. One by one, we all felt taps on our shoulders...we knew this because we would all of a sudden glance behind us. A photo album that was forgotten about in a bottom drawer of a desk in the living room appeared to float out of the drawer and land on the table in front of us with the other albums. The pages opened and flipped quickly. The last picture in the album was of a table that was in the deceased's room. We all heard him say, "look there behind it against the wall." The room grew warmer than it had been and his mother felt a familiar kiss on her cheek. We then all heard him say goodbye to us. We were even able to smell him for a brief moment.

After he departed us, we ran upstairs to where the table was. We moved the table from the wall and behind it was his suicide note explaining why he decided to leave. I wont go into the details of the why to ensure the families privacy. They do know that I am writing this but wanted me to leave the reasoning behind his death out.

Since then, whenever I have felt depressed or anything traumatic happens in my life, I have the feeling he is here with me. Often times, I catch a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye or smell his scent in the room with me.

Obviously, now I am a true believer.

Kim, Connecticut, USA
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