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Just Wanted To Say Goodbye

Neville, NT, Australia
April 2005

It was the school holidays and nothing could ever make me feel down or sad. Well I was wrong.

I was 12-years-old when my Uncle died, he had been in a car crash that day and was sent to Intensive Care in the hospital. Everyone knew he wouldn't make it but we all prayed for him to live. The doctor said that if they tried to save him he would suffer more. (He was on life support at that time).

My Aunty, devastated by the news cried as they turned the machine off. No one had the chance to say good-bye, as he was unconscious. We all cried and cried, but then I had this strange feeling like something or someone was there. It was my uncle, he wasn't gone yet, his body was dead, but his spirit was still here. This is the part where it gets interesting.

I come from a very religious family and when someone dies we have a 9-day mourning. It was through the 9 days that things happened.

When we left the hospital we all stayed at my Aunties house to keep her children and her company. So we all went home and packed up. When we got home, I went into my room and had this strange feeling that I wasn't alone. I was totally freaked out and ran into my mother bedroom, and told her what I felt. She told me it was he, I knew that she could fell it too.

On the trip to Palmerston that's where my Aunty lived was a very sad trip, I lay down and cried on the car window. We all went straight to bed once we got there. The next morning everyone woke up to a bright light blazing outside the window. It was my Uncle's car, my Aunty ran into the bedroom and saw that the keys were hanging up on the key holder. It wasn't possible. Everyone knew that it was Uncle Ramil. My Aunty has said that every morning at 6 o'clock he would wake up, kiss his children and go to work. Then at that moment the clock hit 6 everyone had chills all over their back and feet.

The next day we had a special night, we had a dinner with all Uncle Ramil's friends and family. On that night we all prayed the rosary and then ate, while we were eating the lights of the house turned off then back on. When he was still alive he would always do that to us to scare us. We all laughed after it happened.

The next day we had the same thing (for 9 days) this time it was in the afternoon, the kids were in the bedroom playing the Game cube they brought with them, it was around 3 o'clock when we were having lunch. We called them and called them to come and eat lunch but they wouldn't then after the sixth call we heard screaming and saw all the kids running out of the bedroom. Everyone was worried and said, "What happened? What happened?" Then my brother went into the bedroom and saw all the game plugs and controllers out of its sockets. Then my dad said, "See, if you don't listen Uncle Ramil will get you" Uncle Ramil was always the pranker; he would always play tricks on us. After the 9 days and the funeral, he had stopped playing tricks on us and went to rest. We all thank him for all the joy he gave to us. And we all miss him. That's his way of saying he got the message.

Neville, NT, Australia
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