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February 2007

I have lived in this house for nine years, since I was around 7. When we first moved in everything was normal, but soon I started to have dreams about a teenage girl with long dark hair in a white dress, she seemed to have pale flushed skin. I soon started to see her outside my dreams, she was friendly, I guess anyway, it was never much but I could see her, I think anyway (when I look back on it now I cant really tell If she was actually there or if it was just my imagination) in my dreams she would be sitting alone with me in a room with stuffed toys and such, she would say KAW-NUH (I always took this to be kanna and that's what I call her) like she was a little girl, and point to herself, usually this caused me to wake in a fright. I stopped having these dreams at 13 and I hadn't thought of little kanna in a long time, until a year ago.

I dreamed, I was in a room with light blue wallpaper with a yellow carpet, and stuffed toys and toy cars laid around the room, and a teenage girl with long dark hair in a white night gown set on the floor, she pointed to herself and said kaw-nuh, and I replied, "yes your Kanna". She lurched up from the floor and wrapped her hands around my neck, I couldn't breathe and I woke up in a cold sweat, the room was completely dark, I looked around and wiped the sleep from my eyes, and saw something white near my door, I closed my eyes and when I opened them, Kanna was standing right in front of me, she had an angry look on her face, and she screamed very loudly, and I shut my eyes. When the screaming stopped I opened my eyes to see nothing. I was too terrified to move and fell back to sleep within a few minutes. When I woke up there were bruises on my leg, and neck and I had a few scratches on my arm as well, I told my parents and showed them, and they said it must have been the cat, but when the bruises began to turn yellow, you could make out five points on each side of my neck.
My mom took me to the doctor, and he said that I could have had an "allergic reaction" to something causing my neck to swell leaving bruises, but I know it was her, that girl, Kanna.

I have remembered that night ever since, always talking to someone who isn't there, I talk to her like she's a sister, because I think she's lonely, and when I stopped talking to her at 13 she got lonely and angry.

I haven't had those dreams or seen her since, but every once in a while, when I stay up late, I can feel her tugging at my blankets, pulling them off the edge of my bed. I am always so terrified, I cant do anything, my parents think I am crazy.

We still live in this house, and I sleep in the same room, in that same bed, and I am still terrified out of my mind because of this.

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