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Karen's Ghost

Carli, PA, USA
August 2003

In 1987 when I was around 8 may family moved into a new house on a beautiful street with a lot of kids. Of course mostly boys. So I started to hang out with a girl named Danielle, she was 2 years younger and the only other girl on the block.

Danielle lived in a large home with a third floor and attic. Her room was on the third floor along with a bathroom and another bedroom. The attic was in the middle of the hallway with steps leading to it and then a door. It was mostly used for storage and such. When we were at her house we always played on the third floor. We were friends for a while when she started telling me about Karen. Karen was a girl who she said lived in the house long ago. Karen got stuck in the attic and died from the heat in the summer. Danielle and her sister Allison frequently talked about Karen and how at night she would mostly come around. They were not afraid of her and I never saw her even though sometimes I would get eerie feelings when I spent the night.

Four years later Danielle's family moved. I was now 12 and we really didn't see each other that much anymore because I made new friends from school. A new family moved in with a young son and a daughter Bridgette. Their mother, asked me if I could start babysitting them sometimes on the weekends. My mom lived down the street and I was very reliable being the oldest of 4 kids.

Eventually I started babysitting a lot, mostly after school until their mom's got home from work. Bridgette's room was the same room that Danielle lived in. I will never forget this day as long as I live. We were playing a boardgame and Bridgette told me that she met a new friend Karen who lived in her house. I didn't want to act scared so I asked her some questions. She told me everything that Danielle had.

She said Karen was her friend. I am now 23 and the family has had 3 other girls and a little boy since then and I am still very close with them. The whole family knows about Karen. The kids have never been scared and nothing bad has happened. The strange thing is is that when the kids get older they don't see her. Bridgette is now 18 and stopped talking about her when she was 10, although she remembers.

The family has recently moved and a new family has moved in. My family has also moved from the neighborhood. I hope Karen likes her new roomates and they treat her the way the two families have.

Carli, PA, USA
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