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KaylaAnne's Guardian Angel

Angel Romeriez, TX, USA
November 2004

I am a young wife and mother. My daughter is only four years old but she has had a very hard life. I found out I was pregnant five months after my mother passed away. She was so looking forward to being a grandmother. I have always believed in angels. When I found out I was a high- risk pregnancy I prayed that my mom would watch over us and keep us from harm. I went in to labor two months early I felt so alone. My husband was out of town on a business. So I was so very alone. I prayed for my mother hoping that she would be there to help me through labor. It was long and very painful. I kept hearing my mother's voice telling me to hold on that it would all be ok. It felt as if she was there holding my hand. When my son was born I knew he was in trouble because they took him away only minutes after he was born. My daughter KayaAnn was born only 30 min after Kyle, my son was born. My son, Kyle passed away only one hour after he was born. It was the strangest thing but the doctor and nurse both told me, one on one, that a woman who's description matched my mother's was standing by my son's crib when he flat lined.

Only four days after we brought KaylaAnn home we were home alone, I was sleeping, my daughter was in her room when I felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes to find my mother standing over me "Angel, the baby needs you, get up now!" I jumped up, ran into my daughters room, she was turning blue! I immediately began CPR hoping beyond hope that I would be able to save her. All of the sudden the paramedics were beside me. I had not had time to pick up the phone and call 911. Also all of the doors were locked, how did they get into the house?. I asked one of them and he told me that a older lady called in saying that her granddaughter was having trouble breathing and that the baby's mother was giving her CPR. It did not hit me that they described my mother to a T.

When KaylaAnn was learning to talk she went up to a picture of my mother and pointed at it saying "grams". Nether my husband nor I had told her who that was.

Every now and then I walk by her room and she will either be talking to grams or Kyle. Keep in mind that we have tried to explain that her brother is with God in Heaven. She looked at the both of us and told us that no he was not, he was always with her. My husband and I are not to sure what to think. I hope that KaylaAnn has two Angels watching over her.

What do you think?

Angel Romeriez, TX, USA
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