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Keene Lake

Emily, Maine, USA
April 2004

I'm not sure what really happened to my friend and me that night, or whether or not it could be explained by any normal means. All I know is that it was unlike anything else I have ever experienced before or since.

I had gone to a friend's house in Vermont for the weekend, and we were driving back to New Hampshire. There were a bunch of us girls, and we had split into to cars. Three girls were in one car, and it was me and another girl in the other. As were were driving, my friend told me that there was a really nasty corner in the road just ahead around Keene Lake, and there had been a lot of accidents in the area. We had the radio on low enough to talk over without raising our voices, but loud enough so you could still hear it. We reached the corner, and just as we reached it she pointed to a spot I could barely see in the darkness and she told me that was where most of the cars went over. As soon as she finished that statement the radio went dead. There was no noise, no static like you hear when your out of range, no gradual fade out. It just went silent. We looked at each other, but kept driving not thinking too much about it. As soon as we rounded the end of the corner the radio came back on as suddenly as it went out.

We pulled into White River Junction, not far from Keene Lake, where we had arranged to meet our other friends to drop off one of the girls in the other car. Both my friend, who was driving, and I asked our other friends if anything odd had happened to them around, but they said nothing had, and their radio was working perfectly.

I still am not sure what happened. My friend and I still talk about it sometimes and neither one of us has come up with a real answer. I told my friend who I have know since high school this story, since she went to college in Vermont, and knew the area well. She said the corner around Keene Lake always gave her a bad feeling, and she went out of her way to avoid it. Who knows. Maybe it is just a sharp corner with bad radio reception, or maybe the road around Keene Lake really is haunted. Myself, I think I like not knowing for sure.

Emily, Maine, USA
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