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Kindergarten Blues

January 2003

Hi everyone!!! I've been reading all of these great stories so I've decided to submit my own. Yes, this is a very true story.

This happened to me and my son when he was in pre- school.Let me start off by telling you that my son has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) so he cant pay attention to anything more than five minutes at a time.

His teacher told me that it would be a good idea to hold him back in pre-school for another year. That really bothered me I didn't want my son to go through another year of pre-school. So I decided to hold a little "conference" to see why she felt this way. She told me that he cant sit still long enough to learn the A-B-C's and he didn't even know his own phone number. So, I told her that I would talk to him (my son) to see if thats what he wanted. He threw a total fit. When I told her (his teacher) how he reacted she said to him "If you can learn your own phone number by the next time you come to school then you can go to kindergarten (he only went to school three days a week so he had almost two full days to learn it).

Well, I worked with him for a couple of hours that night to memorize our number, when he finally had it memorized he was so excited that he wanted to call his teacher right there and then. I told him that he would have to wait till the next day to tell her because I didn't know her phone number and I didn't have a phone book at the time. He just couldn't wait...

While I was in the shower, he yelled to me through the door that he called his teacher and told her that he knows his phone number and now he can go to kindergarten.? I said "oh yea, whatever Dustin you don't even know her number".

Well, the next day when I was picking him up from school his teacher was holding him by the hand. She told me "I got a wonderful little call last night from Dustin." I told her that I thought he was teasing me when he said that he called her because we don't even know her number. We were both dumbfounded. Maybe it was my dad that helped him dial the number so he could go to kindergarten. For all I know he could have dialed any number but how did he dial HERS?.

My son is now an "A" student in the sixth grade.

Thanks for reading my wonderful experience.

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