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Kinzu Dam

June 2001

My old boyfriend and I spent a lot of time "alone" parked at our favourite spot in the woods. It was very scenic and overlooked the dam and bridge.

The area was once Indian land. (I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not, there were a lot of bad feelings because the land was taken away from the Indian Reservation). The reservation was flooded to make the dam so that the town would stop flooding every spring.

I've heard lots of tales about the dam and the surrounding national forest. Everyone has a spooky story to tell. Lots of ghost stories and stories about weird people that come out of nowhere and even big foot stories. It was a creepy place.

Well anyway on with my tale...............

My boyfriend and I were parked up there super late at night (early morning). I started to get a weird feeling and I was scared and wanted to go home. But didn't want to act on my feelings because I was up there with my boyfriend (I guess you could say my teenage hormones were stronger than the fear I was feeling). Plus I didn't want to tell him I was scared. So I stayed and didn't say anything. Soon we began to hear things moving in the bushes beside the car. I locked my door and told my boyfriend to do the same, you know just in case it was a bear or a weirdo spying on teenagers making out. He asked me if I wanted to go home (see he was getting scared too), but I said no. Then out of nowhere came all these tiny little lights. There were thousands of them. They literally fell out of the sky and they fell straight down. Like miniature falling stars. And they were only falling on the car. No where else. We got out of there pretty fast.

Because we were still in the beginning stages of dating and not knowing each other and wanting to impress, we really didn't say much about it. My boyfriend commented on the way home, that he thought maybe they were fireflies caught in the dew. But there were thousands of them and they only fell on the car and there was nothing on the hood we got home. I didn't believe for one minute that they were fireflies, but didn't say anything about it to my boyfriend (still wanting to impress him). But I did notice my boyfriend found a new make out spot shortly after that happened.

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