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Kiowa Street Experience

Regina, GA, USA
July 2003

My father has been a minister since before I was born. Due to his occupation, we moved a lot. When I was 20, I was still living at home, but had gone out of state to visit family for awhile.

We were living in Texas, in one of the most lovely homes we had ever lived in. This house was the church parsonage. Which was provided for us by the church my dad was pastoring. It had in a very beautiful neighborhood as well.

While out of state, I received a phone call from my mother. She told me that I needed to come home because "Your mom and dad are going crazy". She then related this story to me....

The night before, they were in bed sound asleep. All of a sudden their ceramic musical church started playing "Amazing Grace" loud and strong. It was as if someone had just wound it up. They thought someone had broken in because they were the only ones there. The music stopped as suddenly as it had started. It didn't wind down like normal. They both got up and searched the house. They found nothing. Needless to say, they were both shaken up a bit. So, they stayed up awhile before trying to sleep again.

Finally, they decided to go back to bed and try to get some sleep. They hadn't been in bed 10 minutes when they heard a door in the house slam shut. Dad jumped up to investigate and mom grabbed the Bible. This time my dad found a bedroom closet door closed and the closet light was on. It hadn't been before. But there was no sign of a person or break in.

Mom and dad didn't get much sleep that night. What little sleep mom did get, she got with her Bible under her pillow. :)

We found out that the church had been able to purchase this house reasonably cheap due to the fact that the previous owner had starved himself to death in the house after his wife had died. I don't know if they had both died in the house. I really wish I had done some research on the previous owners. Could it have been the anniversary of one of their deaths? There were never any other disturbances at this house during our one year there.

Oh, the closet door that slammed and where the light was found on .....was the room I used. Glad I wasn't home!!!

Regina, GA, USA
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