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Kitchen Ghost

Carol, Connecticut, USA
March 2000

This happened to me personally about 2 years ago at my good friend, Larry's, home in Marlborough, Connecticut.

This is his family's home near the lake in town. My friend has lived in the house all of his 38 years; he bought the house from his parents when they retired about 10 years ago and lives there alone now. I had been in this house many times before, and since this happened, but this is the only occurrence that I have personally experienced. Larry states that there have been many, many others, including another one last week. Let me first say that, before the incident described below, Larry and I had NEVER talked about his house being haunted, although we do talk about it now.

On this particular Friday night, Larry had a small party at his house (our group of friends likes his house and go there often because it is large and right near a lake). We all had a very nice dinner, played some cards, etc. When everyone was leaving (about 2:00 a.m.) Larry offered his couch for me to sleep on since I had been drinking and lived about 1/2 hour drive away. Larry went upstairs to his bedroom and I slept on the couch downstairs in the living room. Now, the living room shares a wall with the kitchen, with a large archway between the two rooms. The couch I slept on is placed against this wall and I slept with my head on the end near the archway. I slept great (as most people with a buzz and a full stomach do) and at about 7:00 a.m. woke up because the sun was shining through the room's picture window into my eyes. About 1 minute later, I heard the refrigerator door open in the kitchen (at the most, 6 feet from where my head was). I assumed that I hadn't heard Larry get up and that he was in the kitchen getting something to drink. As I lay on the couch, thinking about getting up, I heard the bread drawer open, bread being taken out and put in the toaster, the toaster being pushed down to toast, the refrigerator opening and closing again, the toaster popping up, the silverware drawer open, etc. This went on for approximately 5 minutes. I thought, "how nice, Larry's making me toast and getting me some juice, etc." I was really looking forward to some breakfast and I got up off the couch ready to say a big Good Morning and Thank You to my friend but, when I turned the corner into the kitchen, NO ONE was there. Nothing was out on the counter, no toast was made, no silverware or butter out, nothing. I was shocked and just stood there staring at the empty kitchen (and disappointed that there was no breakfast). I wasn't scared at all but I did feel tingly all over and just, well, shocked. An empty kitchen was the last thing I expected. I checked on Larry and he was still upstairs with his bedroom door closed and, I assumed, still sleeping. I didn't know what to think, but I KNOW I heard someone making me breakfast. I left Larry sleeping, put on my shoes, grabbed my coat and drove home.

I saw Larry again on that Sunday when we all met to watch the Nascar race on TV. When I got Larry away from the other people there, asked him if he had gotten up before me the day before and then went back to bed. He said no, he hadn't woken up until almost 10:00 a.m. I then asked him, very tentatively, "don't think I'm crazy but, is your house haunted?" His face went white. He had a weird look on this face and said, "why do you ask?" I told him the whole story. He finally said "yes, my house is haunted." He explained that he and his family had experienced many very similar incidents in his house over the years, always in the kitchen and, apparently, the ghost has a special affinity for the refrigerator. He has no idea who it could be or why it happens but he has always had the feeling of it being an older woman (I got the same impression that morning). No one has ever seen an entity, just noises, cabinets being opened and closed and, of course, the refrigerator being opened and closed very regularly. Once in awhile we still talk about his ghost and, in fact, had a conversation about it three days ago. Larry said that for the last year or so the activity had tapered off and it had been quit around his house but, last week, he had his new girlfriend over for dinner and, while they were standing in the kitchen talking, the refrigerator door opened up right in front of them both (which Larry has seen happen before). Larry said he thinks that the ghost likes his new girlfriend and was kind of saying, "Hi, nice to meet you."

Carol, Connecticut, USA
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