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Kitten Specter

Emily B., PA, USA
October 2004

Back in last September my aunt's cat had kittens. Eventually when they were old enough, she allowed my sister and myself to have one. We took a tiny orange and white striped one and named it Simba.

For about two weeks we played endlessly with him. He was such an adorable little ball of fuzz and so cute and sweet. Then, one morning I woke up late and I had to rush to get ready for school. In my hurry, I forgot to wake my younger sister, which I was supposed to do. My mom, angry, came up the stairs and threw my sister's door open. Sadly, Simba was crouched behind the door and the door smacked into his tiny little head, injuring his spinal cord and paralyzing him. My sister and I had to rush off to school and we had to wait until we arrived home to know the fate of our beloved kitten. To our deep sorrow, he passed away shortly after we left. There was nothing we could do for him.

Now, it is September 2004, one year since Simba has died. I believe that he is a ghost for several reasons. One is because of the door. The door that killed him bangs around when it is closed and no one is in the room. Someone could pass this off as simply wind through a window, but no, it is not, for the windows are all shut. Another reason is the lamps.

We have those lamps that you must touch to change the setting or turn them on and off. The one in that room where Simba died randomly goes through the different light settings sometimes. On the bed in that room, sometimes the sheets will be moved around as if a cat had been lying there, even though the door was shut, so our other cats couldn't have been in there. And lastly, the air rushing around our legs. Simba used to wind around our legs as we walked and now there are gusts of air doing this too.

I think Simba was simply a kitten who died before he was ready and now he has come back to us from the beyond to finish his stay- alive or not. I do not fear him, though, he was a wonderful pet.

Emily B., PA, USA
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