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Knock Knock (2)

Abby Tefft, ID, USA
May 2009

I really believe in anything supernatural and I have two or three experienceses with ghosts. The first one was when a friend,Sierra, came over to spend the night and my sisters were having a sleepover with somebody else in the living room and we(Sierra and I) were sleeping in the same bed(I guess I should include that all three of my sisters and my dog share a room) and it was about three-thirty in the morning when one of my sister's dolls (we were sleeping in one of my sisters beds), that was stuffed in tightly, fell on Sierra's head and she imediately woke up and heard three knocks on our bedroom door. She was so freaked out that she woke me up and told me what had happened. I kept asking her if she was positive she heard that. She was very positive. We had been discussing this for about ten minutes when we heard the same knocking that only Sierra heard. I was really scared and so was Sierra.What was so weird about the knocking sounded as if a shy five-year-old had knocked, and my sister's ages were ten, eight, and three.

I went to check it out even though Sierra was begging me not to go out there and leave her alone. When I opened the door, there was nothing there! All my sisters were sleeping and when we all got up from a very long night, they were very excited to hear the story even though we(Sierra and I) were still a little shaken up.

My mom has always been intuaative and when Sierra came over, Mom felt energy around Sierra,which means ghosts were around her.

Another thing that happened was when ever I was on the computer or on a electronic device, the piano too, there would be this noise. It would go,"doo-doo-da-doo-doo-da-doo-doo."

When I was at my mom's best friend's house, I was waiting in the truck for my mom to get done with her short errand. About ten minutes after my mom had gone in the house, I saw this face,well,figure of an old man in the driver's side window! I could clearly tell that he was a ghost because for one, he was transparent and two, he wasn't breathing. It was really scaary and awkward because he just stood there and stared at me as if he was disappointed in me.

Of course, I had never seen this guy in my life!

When I told Mom about it,she called the same best friend and told her what i had seen. After a while of thinking, Mom's best friend came up with the idea that I had seen her dad that had died in about 2000.

Abby Tefft, ID, USA
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