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Liz, MN, USA
May 2015

It was a late night at home, and I was sitting alone upstairs in my room. Doing the usual teenager thing, listening to music, socializing. I was about to shut everything off, considering my tiredness and lack of sleep I was determined to go to bed, but I felt a little uneasy. My sister was staying a night at her friends house a town away, so I was sleeping in our room alone. But I've always had a fear of sleeping alone, and/or sleeping in complete utter silence. The reason for this? Well here it goes.

I set everything down and flicked the lights off, staring out my bedroom window at the star filled sky, for some reason it helps me sleep. I lay down on my side and just stare at the opening of the fields, and the sky that opened so many universes and galaxies. I slowly begin to drift and close my eyes. After what seemed like two minuets I was awoken to banging in the next room. The next room would be the storage room, where we store everything that we currently don't use.

My heart was pounding in my chest, I was slightly terrified. I've always had a strange feeling about that room, and man was I right. I knew there was something inside our house, I have a slight sixth sense from my grandmother. My cousin Shelly got most of the sense so I could only have the feeling of something there and see the outline of a shadow.

I stood slowly, my heart beginning to pound harder and harder in my chest, I wasn't terrified, but I was more shooken than anything. As I get closer to the room, the pounding begin to quiet down, I slowly place my hand on the door knob and open it flinching slightly, there was nothing, nothing but cold air whipping around me. I felt uneasy, I walked down stairs and decided to sleep down stairs, cause my parents room was down on the first level,(and I admit I was feeling child-like) So I grabbed my pillow and slept down there.

WHen I awoke the next morning, I discovered what appeared to be a hole in my wall of my room. I walked into the storage room and saw the hole was bigger, it looked as if someone were pounding on the wall trying to break the wall between the rooms.....

I had to do some history finding on my house, but couldn't find anything but the year it was built, my house was built in the year 1945. Maybe something odd happened maybe it was just all my imagination, who knows. But the next night, I began hearing more pounding, and then as I was about to head back off to sleep, I hear my name. My eyes widened and my heart was hammering. I couldn't think of what to do but pull the covers closer to my chin and ignore it. Then I heard two chilling words, The Basement.

Whatever this being was saying about the basement, made me not want to go into that basement. But I did end up going down there, and I discovered a crawl space, I told my mother about the whole situation and she told me that she was going to clense the house. So she did, and then night fell upon day once more. And I drug myself up those stairs and went to bed.

But yet, I can still hear the pounding, the knocking. But...the weird part was, it sounded closer...The reason I wrote this was to tell you that I'm terrified of my house, and...
They wont.

Liz, MN, USA
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