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La Llorona (2)

Alex, TX, USA
April 2007

About 15 yrs ago I worked with this old man from Guatemala that claimed that he and his buddies (none of them survived the attack) ran into La Llorona?

In the pueblitos in the middle of nowhere where there's no electricity people always have tales/stories that can either entertain you or scare you. The one he told us was kind of short but interesting, because if I went through what he claims he did I think I'd be too scared to go out at night? so here it goes:

When he was a teenager he worked at this warehouse with 3 other guys. They had all taken a break and were making plans for the weekend; one of them had just bought a gun for protection since they all worked nights and the warehouse was at the very edge of the city and surrounded by nothing but desert like vegetation and highway.

He said that something a lot of people don't know is that when you hear "the screams" close by it means that La Llorona is far away and vice versa. He said that one day they started hearing screams so loud that they had to stop what they were doing and that they were glad they were able to hear the screams even though it pierced their ears.

One day they were all out on a smoke break and could barely make out what they all agreed were screams and started scaring and teasing each other until they all started to see things from the corners of their eyes only to find nothing when they turned. It got so bad that the guy with the gun pulled it out in case something got in. And that' s when the generator they had stopped and they were left in pitch black darkness?. Then something started pounding at the walls and windows too high for it to be human and that's when they made the mistake to each run in a different direction an hope that whatever was pounding on the warehouse was only in their head, that it was nothing more than an their imagination playing tricks on them; hope that whatever it was went after the other guy and not them, hope that when they stepped outside find out that it was all a dream?. And that's when the gun went off, then silence, then once more, and 3 more shots after that. And that's when the old man said he heard a laugh so evil, you could see where it came from and he ran out of there leaving his friends? running as fast as his legs could carry him and as he turned a corner he bumped into something hard that knocked him on his butt and all he could do is look up to find a person wearing all black with a veil over it's head and when it pulled the veil over it's head it had no eyes but flames where her eyes should be and that's when he passed out to wake up next morning at the town cemetery over an unmarked grave too old and worn to read

Alex, TX, USA
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