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Lady and the Devil

Ambour, South Carolina, USA
September 1999

Iam now eleven but this happened to me when I was about three.

My dad told me this story since I cannot remember it. It gives me the creeps just telling it.

One night (I was sleeping with my dad at the time because I was so young) my dad was just drifting of into dreamland, I let out a gasp. My dad asked what was wrong and I told him that I saw a man go across the dining room table, and that he looked really mean, and that a woman was chasing him and that she looked like she was really nice. I think the man was scared of the woman because he left. I believe that the woman was protecting me from whatever that man was intending on doing. I am scared to think of what might have happened if that woman would not have been there.

I have many other stories that I do remember. I will also write them in the list of stories. I hoped you liked it.

Ambour, South Carolina, USA
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