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Lady At The Car Show

Trent, Wisconsin, USA
December 2006

When we first moved into our home about 11 years ago, we knew right away that whatever was in our home, did not want us there.
Upon moving in, there were plenty of unexplainable things that occurred.

The house was built around late 1979, which is not very old, but old enough to have quite a history. We purchased this home from a woman and her son. After making the decision to buy the house, the woman then told us that years before they moved in, a couple's baby had died of crib death. This certainly, spooked us a little, but that did not change our minds about getting the house. Which brings me to the day of the car show.
A few weeks after purchasing our "new" home, my dad had attended a car show at a park near our home. My dad was and still is a major car freak, so he wanted to check out all the new "toys" that others were showing off.
Anyway's, he was then asked to share some information about his car (a classic silver Corvette) in a news interview. Then minutes later, a woman in a jet black dress approached my dad while he was still in the interview. He then looked and noticed that it was indeed, the woman we had purchased our home from. Upon approaching my dad, she informed him that all the spirits in our home were good spirits, and that we had nothing to worry about. She then walked away without saying another word. Although confused, he still continued with the interview. After the interview, my dad requested to get a copy of it for us to review. It was then while we were watching the tape, that my dad had been talking to nothing but air. The woman had vanished into thin air.
He still to this day insists, that the woman had spoken to him that day during the car show, and we all know that it was definitely a sign, that should never be forgotten...

Trent, Wisconsin, USA
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