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Lady Ghost In The Hospital

August 2003

This story takes place in the summer of 1993 in Berlin, Germany. I was 6 years old at the time, ten years ago....

My second-oldest sister, who was in the military, worked in a Military Hospital, and usually worked a day-shift, unless she was called in for the night-shift. It was around 11pm (could've been later), when my sister called my mother, and asked her to pick her up at the hospital, since her shift has ended earlier. So my mother and I drove to her, and walked into the hospital. All the doctors were gone, and the nurses couldn't be seen, and no one else was around, since it was only a hospital for those who are in the military, and there weren't many sick ones there at the time. So my mother and I walked towards the Laboratory, to get my sister. She said she had to finish something upstairs and told us to wait in the hallway in front of the Laboratory door alone, and she wouldn't be gone more than 10 minutes. So as we waited in front of the laboratory, we heard different cracking noises, that we thought would be normal in a hospital. But soon after those noises disappeared, we heard footsteps, not far away from where we were standing. The sound was as if someone was sliding their feet across the floor, moving closer to us. It continued to move even closer to us, until it felt as if it was standing in front of us, and then it stopped. A few seconds later, the sounds started again, but soon faded behind us, as if the spirit or whatever it was, was walking away from us.

My mother and I stared towards the disappearing sound in horror. We had heard rumors that a ghost would be haunting in this hospital, but none of my family members, including I, believed it, and always took it as a joke.

When my sister had returned, we quickly told her what had happened, and she said she isn't surprised, and told us that the other day she was working in the lab and one of the tubes (That you fill with blood) moved from one corner to the other side. Then, she told us to follow her, and showed us a huge dent in the wall, where only staff- members have access to. And they told us that it would have possibly been the ghost.

Weeks later (it could've been months) my sister told us that the ghost that was haunting the hospital was one of the female staff-members that had committed suicide, in the operating room, because her boyfriend that was also a staff-member (could've been just her lover), had gone with another girl, so she couldn't handle it and killed herself.

We had moved away from Germany that following year, first to North Carolina, then Texas, and finally our destination: California. And my whole family still believes, that it was the actual ghost that had visited us.

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