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Lady in Blue

Gemma Bracco, NSW, Australia
October 2008

I remember it was a warm night, the night I saw her.

I was sleeping at my auntie’s house because my parents were out of town for the week.
After my usual routine of brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I bid my auntie good night and tried to fall asleep. After receiving no such luck at sleep, I left my room for a glass of water in the kitchen. As I past through the lounge I found it very strange that the television should be left on with no one watching it, my auntie never left any unneeded electricity on saying it was a waste of money and power. I went to the remote to turn it off but before I even had the remote in my hand it suddenly turned off, all by itself. Shaking it off, I told myself that there was something wrong with the television or the electricity. I got my drink and hurried off back to my bed.

After lying there for a while I noticed that the temperature was dropping rapidly soon causing me to breath out a cold mist. I then felt as if someone was watching me, I gazed around searching for the thing gawking at me but was confused when I found nothing and no one there. After a while of still feeling its gaze I covered my head with the covers hoping that if it could not see me it would get board and go away. I then felt some one pull the covers off me, and with surprise I saw a lady wearing a blue dress standing at my door watching me. I was so frightened that I began crying and ran as fast as I could to my auntie’s bed room. I spent the night there and refused to go back to my room.
That happened when I was 5 years old, I am now 22 years of age and when ever I go into that room alone I feel some one’s gaze locked on me even though I am by myself.

Gemma Bracco, NSW, Australia
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