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Lady in the Mirror

Carmen Mejil, MA, USA
May 2010

My friends and I have had a few experiences, some we experienced together. I have never been afraid of the paranormal, in my culture it is normal to believe in spirits that protect you and to have an occasional visit from a deceased relative, so my parents, my father in particular, would always explain to us that they are never there to hurt us, just to watch over us or to give us a message.
Therefore, we should be listening.

One incident, my friend Brenda lived across the street from me and she was on the porch while I was in the house doing dishes. I had the front door open because it was nice out. Brenda came in and asked me where the old lady went. I told her I was home alone and she said she was on the porch and seen an old lady walk into my house. I told her that I have been home alone all day cleaning and there is no way someone could walk into the house and not be heard or seen. That creeped her out, I just figured it may have been my grandmother who passed away a few weeks earlier.

Another incident that happened was when my best friend Kristina stayed at my house one night. We were in college and had gone out late so she crashed at my place. She said she woke up that night to go to the bathroom and saw what looked like a big Indian chief standing at my bedroom door with this big feather hat and his arms crossed over his chest. As she was telling us the story the next morning my father said, "Yeah, that's the Indian chief I pray to protect my children." She seemed to just accept that answer.

A few weeks later she and I were on our way to eat at a restaurant and we were sharing our experiences with the paranormal. I told her about my grandmother visiting on occasion and how my friend Brenda has seen her. Well, she started talking about the day that her grandmother passed away and how close they were. As she was telling the story (we were still in the car but parked at the restaurant) something made us both turn and look at the side mirror on her side of the car. At that instant we both screamed and got out of the car. We stopped and looked at each other and she said, "You saw her too right." I said I did and we both just looked back at the mirror and decided it was a good time to go and eat and maybe have a drink.

What happened was that as we both looked at the mirror we seen her grandmother staring back at us. I don't usually get freaked out but that scared me somewhat, I can never get her face out of my head. It wasn't menacing, just surprising.

Carmen Mejil, MA, USA
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