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Lady of the House

Kristy, FL, USA
August 2002

(This actually isn't my story though I been present for most of these encounters.) :D

It all started about 8 years ago when my husband and his family moved into this house. The owner had sold it because his wife had died in the living room and he wanted a change of pace. Too many memories, I guess. That's when all of this weirdness began.

My husband was still a kid then.

One day before leaving for school a man just walked into the house and then walked out. There can be a reasonable explanation for this but still it is creepy.

Another incident occurred when he stayed home sick from school.

My husband was laying on the couch sick and was watching TV when he heard a man's voice whisper his name in his ear. The creepy thing was no one else was at home. It happened again about 6 months ago and I witnessed it only that time it was a female's voice.

The scariest moment happened about 3 weeks ago. My husband and I where the only ones at home when our laundry room door kept opening and closing. When we went to check out the laundry room our kitchen sink turned on by itself. Needless to say I was getting angry so I yelled at the spirit and told it it was dead, it wasn't it's house anymore and they needed to cross over. I haven't had any problems since then.

After that incident, I talked to my mother in law and found out that the previous owner had lost his daughter the same year as his wife. She was murdered while attending college. We aren't sure if the woman was the mother or the daughter and we have no idea at all about who the man is. I plan on doing some research about the property and I'll keep you updated.

Kristy, FL, USA
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