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Lake Tahoe Cabin

January 2004

During Spring Break of 2000, my family and I went to Lake Tahoe for a vacation. At the time I was 17 years old, and I didn't really think that ghosts existed. We rented a cabin in Incline Village, which was in a large complex. Most of the cabins were empty and there was nearly no one around, so it was quite a creepy place.

My older brother and I took the two rooms upstairs while my parents took the room on the ground level. When you walk up the stairs, there is a large loft on the right with a queen size bed where my brother slept, and on the left was a door leading to the bedroom I slept in and the bathroom was also through the door (you have to enter the bedroom I was staying in to go to the bathroom).

After a long day of skiing I went into my bedroom to watch TV before going to sleep (there was a TV in each bedroom). I got absorbed into the shows that came on and before I knew it, it was already midnight.

I went to the bathroom and went to bed. I didn't like the room becuase the bed was in the corner of the room away from the light switch and there were no lamps in the room except next to the TV, which was on the other side of the room. I was laying in bed thinking about the next few days when a chill went through me and I had a weird feeling I was being watched.

I turned over and faced the wall, thinking nothing of it. The next thing I know is that I hear the door shut quite hard (I always leave the door open a few inches) and the room went cold as ice. I started to get scared, which is something that never happened often. It felt then as though someone sat down on the bed next to me, and thats when I totally freaked out. I kicked the spot where this "thing" was sitting down but of course there was nothing there. I jumped out of bed not thinking and turned on the lights. There was nothing in the room and I thought it was just my nerves getting to me. I then opened the door back up to see my brother sleeping soundly in the loft and thought that I was freaking out for no reason. I turned off the light and dove under the covers. I got no sleep at all that night. I heard footsteps moving across the room all night, and every once in a while I would hear the sound of the door opening or shutting. I told no one about the experiences of my night to anyone in my family, and forgot about it.

The next night I was trying not to think about it when I went to bed but I kept the TV remote next to me so I could turn on the TV if anything started happening (it was the only way to turn on a light without getting out of bed). I fell asleep quickly, but soon work up when I heard a loud bang coming from the wall next to me. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to find nothing in my room.

Every night afterwards I kept either the light or the TV on when I went to sleep (luckily they were still on when I woke up). Nothing happened to me again while we were staying there. I never mentioned this to anyone until we were on the way home to California.

I told my family the stories of the two nights of terror I had there and my parents kept insisting that it was my imagination. My brother, though, had stories of his own. The layout of the loft where my brother was sleeping in was really weird. The bed was in the middle of the room which puzzled me and the TV in there was one of the old fashioned ones that you have to get up to turn on and off.

One night he was trying to go to sleep when he saw a weird bluish glow coming from the bottom of the stairs. It started to come up towards the top lading and thats when my brother got scared and looked the other way. He said that every night he would hear footsteps walking by his bed, pounding on the floor next to him and tapping on the windows. He never got enough courage to turn on the lights and slept in darkness for the whole week.

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