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Lakeshore House

Stephanie, KA, USA
January 2002

When I was 16 my family moved into an older rental home. Now our living arrangements were a little wierd, In this house lived myself my mom and my step dad, one of their friends and her son.

From the first day that we moved in I hated this house. Everything about it spooked me. It was a split level house and when you came in the front door you would be standing in a little forier where you could choose to go up the stairs to the bedrooms or down the stairs the kitchen and living room. Under the forier was a closet, any time I walked by the closet I got chills. In fact I would not go downstairs to the kitchen or family room at all unless there were plenty of people down there.

In the corner of the dining room there was a cold spot that was always cold and the dog would sit and bark into that spot. Every time I came through the front door the smoke detector would start to go off and would go off for 5 to 10 minutes before stopping.

Soon after we moved in I would be awoken several times a night with a choking sensation, and as I felt that I would pass out I would finally be able to catch my breath. One night this happened and the moment I was able to catch my breath there was a very loud bang, like a drum being hit right above my head and then the sound of scampering, not footsteps but scampering up and down the hall. My TV which was ALWAYS on had been turned off.

A few nights later I had been out with friends and did not get home until after 1:00 am. There was no one home when I got home. I went straight to my room where as usual my light was on but the television had been turned off. I promptly remember turning it on and that is the only thing I remember until I awoke 15 minutes later in my parents bed.

The door was shut and the cage door to our pet birds had been opened and they were flying around the room frantically. I ran out of the room slamming the door behind me and into my bedroom where again the television had been turned off. From the time I had left my friends house to the time that this all happened only took about 45 minutes. I called them and had my friend Todd come spend the night with me, which he did every night after until we moved.

There have been other spooky instances involving this house even after we moved.

One night I was telling some new friends that I had not known when I lived in the house. I never mentioned what the outside of the house looked like but one other girls was able to describe it and even point it out having never been there.

I later met another friend who had lived in the house, even in the same bedroom as I did about 10 years before me. Before I had the chance to tell him any stories of my attacks in that house he described several of the same things happening to him 10 years earlier.

To this day I get scared thinking about that house and will not drive down that street.

Stephanie, KA, USA
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