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Late Night

Harun R, Gracanica, TPK, Bosnia and Herzegovina
September 1998

This is a TRUE story about strange things that happened during the war in Bosnia.

It all started at my grandpa's house... It was a creepy night... The winds made strange sounds, the trees waved, everything was moving. My grandpa couldn't sleep so he went to drink a glass of water. On his way to the kitchen he saw a strange shadow but he thought that it was only his imagination... As he arrived in the kitchen he saw a second strange thing, the whole kitchen was messed up! He thought that something was stolen but everything was there! As he was walking out of the kitchen he hurt himself on a chair. "How did this chair came here?" asked he... And then he saw the shadow again! He was scared but didn't know what to do... As he looked careful he saw the shadow's eyes who were like shining diamonds. After that he couldn't remember a thing what happened later. He knows only that he awoke up on the floor near the kitchen.

What was this strange shadow? What did it actually do? There are some things nobody can explain...

Harun R, Gracanica, TPK, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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