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Late Night Feeding

Heather, Canada
August 2007

I will tell you that I have always been interested in the paranormal, very superstitious and love my scary movies and such things. I also have a very open mind and believe that anything is possible.

Ok now then I think I was about 11 years old or so I am 23 now when myself and my father were going to my aunt and uncles house to feed their cats and dog while they were staying out of town in the hospital with their son. There was no extra key at the time so I had to crawl in the window through the kitchen and go and unlock the back door to let him in... this was around 10:30pm and the house was pitch black but I don't scare easily so I was brave and went right on in.

So I let him in and we fed the cats and proceeded to leave through the front, when the lights were out and we were halfway through the door there was an enormous crash that sounded like every pot and pan in the kitchen had just fell out of the cabinets onto the floor! My dad turned around, flicked the lights on and we went back to investigate only to find absolutely nothing out of place. The cats were startled, but still out at their food dish (so we knew it wasn't them) and shortly went back to eating, and the things in the cabinets were just as they were, nothing harmed or moved.

Now there was nobody else in the house and certainly nobody in the cabinets or that could move so quickly that we wouldn't have seen them try to run out, so we have no explanation as to why that happened. I should mention that there has been quite a few strange occurrences in the house and my aunt and uncle still live there but I won't drag the story on any longer so I will tell more later.

Thank you for reading my story.

Heather, Canada
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