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Late Night Music

Flower, MN, USA
September 2005

Last year, we decided to gather a couple families together and go camping. I love to camp so it was something I looked forward to. It was a last minute planning so we ended up going down south to a state park about an hour from where I live (Minneapolis). When we got to the site (we reserved a family site thinking there were going to be more people) there was hardly anyone camping near us (important). During the day, we managed to fight off all the mosquitos and cooked and do all the fun things. Eventually, night fell upon us and some of us stayed up to do a camp fire.

The first night was odd because we did not see anyone else unless we went to go buy firewood from a house about half a mile drive away. We pulled our tents close together and decided to sleep (one of the family brought protection, but just in case my husband grabbed a butcher knife to keep inside our tent as reassurance since there are some crazy people out there). It was probably around midnight or close to one O'clock AM when we started hearing music. It sounded like there was a big concert happening and it was clearly heard. It scared us (my husband and I) because we knew no one else was on our campsite and if there was, they were far away. It was happening for quite a bit so we eventually just held on to each other and fell asleep.

The next day, we asked all the grown ups if they heard the music also and they all heard it. We decided to go hiking and take a look around. We went everywhere and there weren't many campsites where we could see other people but that was it. That evening, we did the same as the first and eventually when everyone decided to go to sleep, we heard the music again... this time is was closer and louder.

The next morning, we decided to pack up and leave. While we were passing our site, I decided to look and search to see if there was actually a place where there would have been a concert of some sort or a house that decided to throw a party. There was nothing but trees and shrubs.

We never talked about it but it still gives me the goose bumps thinking about what it was, if it was actually just music at night...

Flower, MN, USA
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